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It’s been a long time… but we’re alive and working hard!

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It’s been a long time… but we’re alive and working hard! Someone may wonder,” why so long?” Well, we’re human beings! This implies facing situations, responsibilities, changes, happiness and sorrows… every possible thing a person may go through, even to an indie team. However, our aim is clear and we go towards it.

What changes arose last year? Well, many. As we don’t want you to get bored with what happened during that time, we’re just going to share the most interesting part of it.

Firstly, we want to show you some of the new features of the game which we’ve working on. However, we don’t want to over spoil it, so we’ll leave a little sneak & peak for you to enjoy.


Brain maze:

Second floor:

Last but not least, we want to tell you that during this time in which we found ourselves a little overwhelmed, we decided to take a little break. However, our concept of a break may not be the same as anybody else’s: we decided to run some concept tests over an idea we’ve already considered before Pertubia was born, and which focuses on something not only simple but entertaining: a fast, violent and old-school FPS.

But, if we had time for this why wouldn’t we devote it to Pertubia? For a simple reason: Pertubia is a highly complex game in terms of design and development, whose puzzles are not only thought, designed and discussed to excess but they also must be descriptive enough to tell the story. It’s a type of game that takes a long time of pencil and paper, effort and hours of brainstorming and even more time of testing. So we decided to do a brain reset for some time so Restore: Theuntoldstory of Gabriel Priest was born. You can check it out here:

Boxshot 1

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