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Perisno Dev. Blog 15 - Version 1.3.6 update and Naphali sketches (WIP).

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v1.3.6 Changelog:

  • [Adjusted] Anhera Kaiyrithe will no longer require you to ask Eriallen Krysanna for permission for marriage, and will elope with you instead
  • [Fixed] You can now forfeit looter quest
  • [Fixed] Red text spam after looting a village is gone
  • [Fixed] Zann Fort no longer uses the player’s banner
  • [Fixed] No more relations loss when attacked by deserters
  • [Fixed] Mercenary Guild no longer spawns patrols indefinitely
  • [Fixed] Warmonger Greaves appear properly now in crafted armor
  • [Fixed] Ral’Daiun Assassins attacking Venetor no longer wander (may require new save)
  • [Fixed] Vole has moved closer to Grund and is now tied to that town (will require new save)
  • [Fixed] Having cheats on no longer locks you out of Ingvar Mercenary’s equipment dialogue
  • [Fixed] Berlaeduil will give up Kaiyrithe now, if you defeat him, or if you are the monarch of your faction

  • [Sieges] Novark Castle Stairs
  • [Sieges] Ianthas Castle Interior
  • [Sieges] Forniron interior oddities
  • [Sieges] Federo Castle Siege Gatehouse
  • [Sieges] Farriage Castle should no longer have strange barriers

Naphali sketches


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