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Perisno version View Changelog below. As always a new save is required.

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Perisno (3-15-2021

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v1.3.5 Changelog: RELEASED July 5 2021

[Adjusted] Siege ladders take a minimum of 1 hour

[Adjusted] Some quest rewards scale with player level

[Adjusted] Festivals now give a huge morale boost per night

[Adjusted] Town Universities have reduced their renown gains from 20 to 10

[Adjusted] When a lord is your prisoner, you can ask them to join your kingdom

[Adjusted] You can now accompany any party, as long as you are friendly with them

[Adjusted] Ingvar troops no longer become naked if they exceed the quality threshold

[Adjusted] You can now pull prisoners from your mercenary group's party, and the Perisno Army

[Adjusted] Caravan price is now dynamic, instead of 3 fixed prices. Speed has been readjusted

[Adjusted] Ingvar no longer has bears, to be consistent with Aroulo's gear being unavailable

[Adjusted] As the Monarch, you can now release fiefs from your ownership without giving it to a lord [Adjusted] Axe of the Forbidden Sea and Weeping Moon refreshes quicker. Hyk can also use the Axe of the Forbidden Sea

[Adjusted] When withdrawing from your treasury, you must now hold Right Control. This is to compensate for players who use the arrow keys for movement

[Adjusted] Villagers lose relations with you when they get raided. In return, weekly income increases depending on how high your relations are with them

[Fixed] Zolona's backstory typos [Fixed] Enlisting relations exploit

[Fixed] Siege equipment builds properly now

[Fixed] Training Grounds removed from Hard Mode

[Fixed] Guard Post appears properly in village upgrades

[Fixed] Freelancer caravan quest should work properly now

[Fixed] You can read the religious information on Fountain Goddess now

[Fixed] Lords that you indict should no longer automatically join your faction

[Fixed] No longer stuck in a dialogue loop when completing the Weeping Moon quest

[Fixed] You can now leave a mercenary captain's dialogue without going through the entire dialogue

v1.3.4.5 Changelog: Compatible with v1.3.4.4

  • [Fixed] When recruiting freelancers, you no longer get stuck in dialogue if you run out of money.
  • [Fixed] Reinforcements from villages will be assigned to Perisno by default if you decide to use no faction
  • [Adjusted] Tolranian Knight has new armor/helmet
  • [Adjusted] A few Perisno troops have new armor
    • [Adjusted] Hyk can also use the Axe of the Forbidden Sea
  • [Scene Adjustments]
    • Rhenstal Castle’s Prison has been relocated to the correct spot
    • Arklow Castle navmesh update

v1.3.4.3 Changelog:

  • [Fixed] Fugitive Quest works properly now

  • [Adjusted] Maidens of War have a minor increase in skills (Requires a restart, not important)
    • [Adjusted] Tolranian Master Hackers received a slight buff (Requires a restart, not important)
  • [Adjusted] Viragoes have increased their levels from 30 to 32 (Requires a restart, not important)
  • [Adjusted] Vixen Riders can now upgrade to Viragoes. Viragoes have been removed from Sword Maiden tree.

  • [Scene Updates] The following scenes are now Snow:
    • Arendal
    • Gronzy
    • Reichberg

  • Dasselocht Castle
  • Dillac Castle
  • Yorid Castle

v1.3.4.2 Changelog:

  • [Fixed] Some dialogues
  • [Fixed] Can retreat if you died during a defensive battle or lost
  • [Adjusted] Zann weapon renames
  • [Adjusted] Female lords can no longer deliver love letters

v1.3.4.1 Changelog:

  • [Fixed] Sieges are no longer broken

V1.3.4 Changelog:

  • [Added] A Travelling Dwarf can appear in Fountain Hall, selling some expensive goods.
  • [Added] Full Lymbard Troop Tree
  • [Added] New Perisno Assets
  • [Added] Female Maiden Armor Now craftable
  • [Adjusted] Perisno Map has been updated geologically

V1.3.3 Changelog:

  • [Added] Hafen Castle has a new Siege Layout
  • [Added] New Feature! You can now disable Battle Advantage in the Camp’s Game Options. This allows you to always have an even battle, regardless of how many troops you or they have!
  • [Fixed] Some minor map improvements
  • [Fixed] Lymbardian helmets appear in Ingvar’s helmets
  • [Fixed] Some strange interactions with your character’s wife
  • [Fixed] Can no longer escape deserters if they’re attacking you
  • [Fixed] Ladies should no longer appear in “Resolve Dispute” quests
  • [Fixed] Maccavian Swordmaster Armor no longer costs a few aurums

  • [Rebalancing] Mosoru, Klymorians, and Kuulans. (Requires a new save, not important)
  • [Rebalancing] Ingvarians can now be an “all cavalry” troop tree. While we made it possible, it is not recommended because they will NOT have good riding/horse archery skills. Your main Cavalry line will still fulfill this role the best (Requires a new save, not important)

  • [Adjusted] Lymbard armor rating has been increased
  • [Adjusted] You can no longer retreat when defending a garrison or during a salley. You can still interact with the border to retreat however.
  • [Adjusted] You can recruit Krysanna’s Temptresses from Kaiyrithe now, after completing her quest
  • [Adjusted] Geldarin and Cretasan Mercenaries return if you are using their culture and own the fief they reside in
  • [Adjusted] Cretasan armor rearrangement, including their troops not spawning with shields sometimes (Requires a new save, not important)
  • [Adjusted] Freelancer, Adventurer’s Guild, and Disable Ships are all enabled by default whenever you start a new game. If you wish for ships to reappear on the map, disable the toggle. Ships will eventually become a thing of the past.

V1.3.2 Changelog:

  • [Added] Allowed running when hunting
  • [Added] You can now craft Lymbard Armor in Crafting Menu
  • [Added] Interactive persuasion dialogue for Fugitives and Lords
  • [Added] Added the feature to refine weapons and armor at Gordga Hammerhead
  • [Fixed] Added some missing texts
  • [Fixed] Oddities in Troop ID’s
  • [Fixed] Maccavian Spearman Armor
  • [Fixed] Nox of Zephili scouts relations
  • [Fixed] Maccavian Black Knight Boots
  • [Fixed] Krysanna’s banner has returned
  • [Fixed] Axe of the Forbidden Sea exploit
  • [Fixed] Adventurer’s Guild works properly now
  • [Fixed] Buying honor and renown works properly
  • [Fixed] Ingvar’s Dwarven Armor appears properly
  • [Fixed] Galwe Library no longer displays your banner
  • [Fixed] Galwe Alchemists check your party size before you can recruit them
  • [Fixed] Oddities in Maccan’s Keep, Forde’s Town, Fountain Temple, and the Sea Battles
  • [Fixed] When freelancing, you can no longer “rest” in towns which ends up glitching, causing you pay money even after your commander has left the town
  • [Adjusted] Removed “courage” dialogues in battles
  • [Adjusted] Recruiters return after a week automatically
  • [Adjusted] Annoying “skill check” removed from self-healing
  • [Adjusted] Recruiters now recruit from the faction you chose properly
  • [Adjusted] Maccavian Halberdiers keep their throwing axes from their Spearmen days
  • [Adjusted] Axe of the Forbidden Sea and Weeping Moon now replenishes while hunting
  • [Adjusted] Shadestalkers, Eton, Graianius, and Berana’s armor no longer appears in Ingvar’s list of armor

V1.3.1 Changelog:

  • [Added] Some missing files
  • [Fixed] Female Lymbard Meshes
  • [Fixed] Female Maccavian Meshes
  • [Adjusted] Time of year is set to 395

Pledges and donations will provide funds to help the mod grow even further. The current goal is to revamp most factions with unique armor. Unfortunately experienced modelers aren't cheap and thus would have to be hired to commission custom items.
If we earn enough, we can add Perisno faction specific items and create an even more immersive experience.



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