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Perisno v1.1.2 Update. Includes v1.1.2 hotfix. (11-3-2020)

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Perisno Dev Blog #12.

Perisno 1.1 (11-3-2020)

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V1.1 Changelog:

  • [Added] More Cretas Fiefs
  • [Added] New Cretas Vassel
  • [Added] New Bakhal Nobles
  • [Added] You can now change Khivachis’s gear!
  • [Added] New Items to custom armor to crafting menu
  • [Added] Your wife (in your party) is now a mobile minister!
  • [Added] Arrows and Bolts now appear in Mystic Merchant!
  • [Added] You can now recruit Ingvar’s mercenaries from your Constable! (Must speak with Ingvar first)
  • [Added] Austad, Caecorrow, and Hendrus are all best friends now! They will no longer be indicted immediately.
  • [Added] Releasing prisoners by talking to them now increases relations with their respective faction! (Kingdoms excluded.)
  • [Added] Marrying Eriallen Krysanna and passing a relations check will allow you to recruit Geldarin Fountain Temptresses from her.
  • [Fixed] Various dialog updates
  • [Fixed] Reinforcements from local villages now change with the player’s culture.
  • [Rebalancing] Perisno Paladin
  • [Rebalancing] Perisno Rune Ranger
  • [Rebalancing] Gatrodectus Shadestalker
  • [Rebalancing] Geldarin Fountain Temptress
  • [Rebalancing] Eriallen Krysanna hates you more.
  • [Changed] Cretas Troop Tree
  • [Changed] Perisno Faction Assets
  • [Changed] Ofugr Skirn is a monster now
  • [Changed] Slave Girls are wearing a more slave-like armor.
  • [Changed] Raunaeril and Naraglad now use unique templates
  • [Changed] Ingvar troops refresh on a 24-hour basis but at lower quantities
  • [Changed] You can no longer attack your own patrols, resulting in going to war with yourself!
  • [Changed] When surrendering, you now get a confirmation check to see if you are certain you want to surrender!


  • Ofugr Skirn is no longer an exhibitionist
  • Liana's HH makes more sense
  • Elintoran Religious units renamed to Fountain More consistency fixes amongst some troops Sayeda Alexis uses an actual Hakkon helmet


  • Ransom Broker Buying Slaves is more efficient now.
  • Corrected the dialogue to show 30 aurums instead of 60 aurums per purchase.
  • Lowered the cost of Krysanna's HH from 10000 to 8000 Aurums
  • Increased the weight of Warmonger's gear, moving up from 69.5 to 80 weight
  • Increased Bakhal Warmonger's Shield Skill from 8 to 10
  • Lowered Geldarin Fountain Temptress's level from 55 to 52
  • Added Missing Items from the Crafting menus
  • Adjusted a female hairstyle that clipped through head

V1.1 Siege Changes:

  • Sut (Streamlined Siege.)
  • Forde (Streamlined Siege)
  • Maccan (Streamlined Siege)
  • Elsinore (Streamlined Siege)
  • Khul Vara (Streamlined Siege)
  • Reichberg (Streamlined Siege)
  • Murdenholl (Streamlined Siege)
  • Krain (Revised Layout, Streamlined Siege)
  • Vinica (Revised Layout, Streamlined Siege)
  • Freising (Revised Layout, Streamlined Siege)
  • Arendal (Revised Layout, Streamlined Siege)
  • Vellinaz (Fixed units getting stuck in the corner)
  • Amarna (Troops no longer get stuck behind spikes)
  • Forniron (Troops no longer get stuck behind mantlets)
  • Tumatarhun (Fixed attackers getting stuck on the wall after boarding)
  • Uliastai (Troops no longer get stuck behind mantlets. Troops no longer fall from walls.)
  • Julre Castle (Streamlined Siege)
  • Esahil Castle (Streamlined Siege)
  • Efenas Castle (Streamlined Siege)
  • Demaig Castle (Streamlined Siege)
  • Ianthas Castle (Streamlined Siege)
  • Federo Castle (Revised Layout, Streamlined Siege)
  • Anlux Castle (Gate is now present during the siege)
  • Desert Outpost (Revised Layout, Streamlined Siege)
  • Dillac Castle (Troops no longer get stuck on ladders.)
  • Steorac Castle (Player can no longer jump out of bounds.)
  • Tabranpadan Castle (Players can no longer scale into unintended areas)
  • Amarhus Castle (You can finally talk to people in jail without much effort.)
  • Norberg Castle (Player no longer gets stuck on invisible walls during the siege.)
  • Farriage Castle (Defenders spawning on top of the rooftops will now descend)
  • Alef Castle (Defenders can now get out of areas where they should not be spawning)
  • Maelond Castle (Dwarves no longer have to fear falling into the hole at the top of the siege ladder)
  • Samarra Castle (Defenders no longer spawn and get stuck on wood. Removed some interior spikes.)

Pledges and donations will provide funds to help the mod grow even further. The current goal is to revamp most factions with unique armor. Unfortunately experienced modelers aren't cheap and thus would have to be hired to commission custom items.
If we earn enough, we can add Perisno faction specific items and create an even more immersive experience.



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