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The second “enviroment for Pulsedrive Alpha”-news is about is about the skydome. It is not just a simple half-sphere but a frame with emitting fields and a big rotating ring containing a sunspot.

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Pulsedrive shall be a dynamic and colorful experience. Therefore we decided to use a day-night-cycle with completely changing atmosphere for our first environment.


Core idea is a big skydome consisting of fields embedded in a metal frame. This fields are lamps which can be adjusted in dependency of the current daytime. In addtion, there is a big rotating ring with a single bright sunspot which illuminates the whole enviroment.


[w]tech is the perfect choice for a idea like that, because dynamic lighting is one of the key features of our engine. In the later game will be sun-shadows and godrays, so there is much graphical potential left. Here is rough concept of our implementation:

concept of skydome

The skyring and the skydome are two spererated meshes. We use scripting to rotate the skyring and attach a point light to simulate the sunlight coming out of the spot. For illuminating the whole environment with sunlight we use a directional light, which rotation depends on the rotation of the skyring. All this is scripted inside [w]tech, no changes to the engine-source were needed.

Here's a wallpaper which shows day-, night- and sunset-atmosphere:

Pulsedrive Alpha - Skydome

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I hope this comes out tomorrow.

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