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Invasion Games and ZiCorp Studios have decided to focus on a new set of games and a new flexible XNA driven Graphics engine...Therefore Invasion Defender unfortunatily will not be released on PC.

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Though we said initially Invasion Defender would also be released on PC, we have now thought better of it. Largily becuase the way we built the engine made it very difficult to port and it required quite alot of work to make the switch.

Not only this but it is a tower defence game on an XNA engine which was built specifically for it, and in that sense it does a good job. But, it is a tower defence game, there are too many of them anyway and we only did a tower defence game because its a simple concept which we used to learn XNA and production methods ,its capabilities and in some cases how not to do things.

We as developers have taken alot from the Invasion Defender experience and enjoyed making it, we also hope that, despite the rough edges those of you that have bought it enjoyed it and we thank you for your support.

Im not going to say too much about our curent project but this time we are focusing on creating a modular 2d XNA powered engine, which most certainly will be both flexible and cross platform, taking into account the many lessons learnt from the Inv:D development cycle.

I hope in the coming weeks we will be in a position to show our current work off on these pages and hope that we receive the same level of support as we did for Invasion Defender from the various gaming communities.

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