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Today, only Russian weapons! Because I like them all! VSS, AS-VAL, AK-74 Scoped, PP19, OTs33 & PP2000!

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Today, it's the Great Russian Army on Duty! Only hand held weapons :

VSS "Vintorez" :

The VSS is an automatic silenced sniper rifle, 10 rounds and x4 scope :


AS "VAL" :

AS "VAL" based on the VSS is a silenced assault rifle with 10 rounds! :


AK-74 Scoped :

Based on the AK-74 by Joledingue, I just added a x4 Scope :
( I also have a Black Camo, tell me what did you prefer)

AK-74 Olive Drab Scoped AK-74 Olive Drab ScopedAK-74 Olive Drab Scoped


The BF2 Vanilla improved PP19 with a Silencer and a Cobra Sight, 64 rounds :

PP-19 Bizon + SD + Cobra PP-19 Bizon + SD + CobraPP-19 Bizon + SD + Cobra

OTs-33 "Pernach"

Another pistol for Russian Forces, but Automatic with 18 rounds :
OTs-33 OTs-33 OTs-33

PP2000 SMG

A small Submachine Gun with 20 round and RedDot :

PP-2000 PP-2000 PP-2000


nice!, Looks good :) I like the wood texture on the VSS. Keep up the good work!

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really looks awesome


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only thing i have to say is, the AS VAL has a 30 round magazine, not 10 :)

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