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Hello everyone! We have many exciting features to show off in the fourth update video of our story-driven multiplayer survival game, Paxitium. Enjoy the video!

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The fourth update of Paxitium is finally out!

In this update, we have created a very basic character customization system that allows you to change the skin and hair color of your player. We will be extending onto this system to allow the player to change between male and female, hair styles, and other facial features. We have replaced the old, cartoonish character with a new realistic and proportional one. A myriad of items were added to the game, including tools, firearms, and melee weapons. We also added some first person arms when you have no item equipped, so you can punch your enemy to death if you really wanted. We added some minor elements, such as a proper first person death animation, and a construction/crafting book.

For the technical people: We have also started support for dedicated Linux headless servers (finally), so there won't be a need to worry about having trouble with firewalls, port forwarding, or NAT in general. Players will later be able to host their own dedicated server, but keep in mind it will be in Linux, and not Windows.

Here's the link to the YouTube video:

Key major features showcased in the video:

  • Basic character customization system
  • New character with clothing and animations
  • Many FPS animations
  • Wider array of items. New melee weapons, paddles, guns, lanterns, and compass.
  • Reworked construction workflow and UI.
  • First person death animation.
  • Dedicated server test with better server security.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

If you would like to help with the development of the game, you can contact us through:
Our Team Email:

We also have a Discord channel, along with Facebook and Twitter. You can follow those down below:
Our Discord Server:

Thank you for your attention and see you in the next update log!

- Luton Studios

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