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“Patriots : fatal Encounter” is a Single player/Co-op First Person Shooter PC Game that make Adrenaline runs into your vessels with an breathtaking and exciting story and presenting the classic and Dynamic Gameplay of this genre .

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Hello eveyone

we are a small team of UE4 indie game developers and curently working on our latast game named "patriots : fatal encounter" a singleplayer / co-op FPS for PC,Xboxone and PS4

First Person shooter is one the most popular genres of video games and our team members are the persons who started Experiencing FPS with the oldest games of this genre like DOOM & IGI to the latest Call of duty and always had one thing in mind and that is making a FPS game with an engaging story and attractive gameplay which will entertain the fans for a long time. All the ideas and thoughts these guys had in their minds since childhood are the reasons that they want to develop of the best first-person shooter experiences .

Over time since we started developing “Patriots : Fatal Encounter” Much progress has been made , the main core of gameplay is complete , The Story line and characters have been prepared as well as Characters and guns Animations and The environment designs of the game proceed at a good pace so This leads to the Pre Alpha internal version .

soon we Launch our Kickstarter campaign to Find out the Fans Reactions and feedbacks so we can Use them as our guidance .

we are growing our community in social media for our upcoming kickstarter campaign
please follow us for more info :

our discord channel :

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