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PATH will be shipped as one super-map. And here's why!

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PATH, when it is released, will be, instead of 40 small maps, will be 1 huge map. The reason is we want to keep the whole game to one eecutable and no chapters. It also means there will be only about 10 seconds loading at all. Wow.

Sauerbraten, the game's engine, has been modified to run our stuff in it and have a third person toggle without the use of the console (as it is locked out). It is called Expo Engine 1.0, or BronzeExpo.

Also, from Sauerbraten, the following things are locked out in PATH:

* Editing tools/editing
* ik2k, jf1 and ikbase textures
* The console
and that all.

Thank you,
FS Games

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