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A new area has been added to the game along with other features and fixes.

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Path of Flowers Update now Live!

The Path of Flowers update has been released for Steam users.

Pond of Secrets

Whispers tell of a secret grove, with beautiful fairies and a wondrous pool that infuses metal with magic. The Path of Flowers is home to the Mega Well, the only means of upgrading your rings into Mega Rings. Upgraded rings have magnified abilities and, in some cases, even extra abilities. Be careful though--most Mega Rings take more Ring Power to use.

Watching over the Mega Well is this lady, Elasia


Find her and you've found the Mega Well. However, there might be a price to use it, and she doesn't take gelder...

Keeper of Rumors

Also new in the update is Macaron, the official Hideout rumor-monger. She has the latest scoop on everything secret, so pay her a visit if you're into that sort of thing.


Macaron is a guest character from @caramel_kitteh. Check out her stuff!

Come Meet The Mountain

master a

The newest and most difficult achievement is "The Mountain". Can you beat the game without getting a single upgrade? That means no rings, no hearts, no Hip Flask, no talents, no Anne, nothing. Is it even possible? Give it a try!

Promotion: Keys for Art

While supplies last, keys will be given away in exchange for fan art of the game. Simply share your art on your platform of choice and include a link to the store page for Zeran's Folly. Then, contact @myroidtc on Twitter or send an email so you can get your key.


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