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In the update 1.1 our main focus was on reducing the lag, and react to the general feedback we got on the mod.

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Lag reduction:

Reduced number of trade ships per Port down to 1 (income, raiding, hp, proportionally upscaled to remain the same)

Reduced amount of asteroids

Reduced amount of units per squad across races → adjusted all abilities, build speeds (including carrier construction speed), and other values proportionally.

Optimized amount of skyboxes.

Reduced lifetime of debris.

General Balance:

Decreased cost of colonization of basic planets

Incresead cost of HW upgrades

Increased speed of tech researching by 7%

Decreased timing to research starbases prototype

Carrier strike craft per lvl growth reduced to 0.7 (from 0.8)

Reduced cost of tech for minesweeping

Mines no longer affect corvettes

Slightly reduced capital ship vs corvette dmg

Reduced speed of (planet) siege ships.

Fixed game engine target prioritization issue against siege ships

Equalized positive and negative allegiancy growth

Increased labs hp from 3500 to 6500

→ Multiple changes to make the game more “forgiving” and “enjoyable”


Reduced timing for Pervasive teching

Reduced cost & timing of militia

Sova’s turret (ability) has now antimodule dmg.

Last stand (Kol) moved to lvl 6, and is now a fleet boosting ability

Increased AM cost on higher lvls of the Ion bolt (akkan)

Reduced the pillaged warchest income.

Core world command moved to Tier 5

→ As much as we have our vision, we now also know about vision of other players, so some of the timings have been reduced.


Increased cooldown of Radiance ultimate
Reduced the buff of AM burn dps.
Detonate AM now needs to face target.

Moved Temple of renewal to tier 1, but increased AM consumption on abilities.

→ Radiance slightly overperformed with higher lvls.


Reduced cost of capital ships (still a bit costlier than other races)

Increased AM cost for higher colonization lvls on EGG, replaced darks with normal ravastras

Darks are now morphed for cash, but goes much faster

“Normalized” abilities of Antorak

Fixed Vasari sb regen value at lvl 3

Reduced timing to research STTC

Reduced cost of Jump stabilization tech

→ The STTC timing was fine for 1v1s, but since we now had multiple 5s, and know that 5s UBM passing is faster, STTC should require less time, to be used in 5s games

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