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A small list of things fixed and that are needed to fix.

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Work in progress:
-The Leningrad level ends too soon.I have endlessly tried to fix the level doesnt end bug from the original release.Not giving up on it because the level is awesome.
-Still tweaking the ai scripts,almost perfect now.
-Some more tweaking of some of the level bsp files(actual level files).
-The dp28 worldmodel is placed incorrect in the hands of ai(incorrect tag positions).
-Working on adding yet one more custom sp level.
-Possibly more advanced weapon tweaking.

-Increased ptrs starting ammo from 45 to 55.
-Increased player hurtsound volume which is mixed into ptrs firesound.
-Added cvar for british garand usage.ONLY if the player selects a(scoped)
garand,the british AI will have it,too.
-Reworked sprinting;you now have to use the meleebutton instead of the usebutton.Running with anti-tank weapons and heavy machineguns(mg42/30cal)has been disabled.You also cannot run with two of the heavier weapons in your inventory(ex.kar98k+mp44/garand+bar,etc.).

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