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Sacrifice patched to v1.05 fixing all known bugs and addressing unanimous criticism. The first content patch (v1.1) should be released in the next month.

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Since Sacrifice has been released I have yet to make a news post outlining the changes outside of the Bit Blot forums. Previous patch notes can be found inside the mod folder. This particular patch fixes the last of the bugs reported while also addressing the major criticisms reported by players. Enemy density has been increased, particularly wall shooters, which should hopefully provide a better level of challenge. The first additional content patch (v1.1) is nearing completion and should be made available within the next month. I'm hoping to put together a video of that in the near future.

- enemy density increased in hostile areas
- Crawlvirus now has a 40% chance to drop a small crystal
- Transit Turtle Menu: clicking the destination for an undiscovered turtle will now give appropriate feedback
- Corrupted Cathedral: worm hole transit graphic replaced by a vortex effect
- Mithalas Nightmare: A save crystal has been added with a vortex allowing transit to and from the Abyss.
- The Kelp Forest: after undertaking Energy Temple quest The Walker will no longer block Elena from leaving (vines or transit turtle)
- 2 hints have been added in case the player misses an important plot point

- Rajah_v3 now flagged by Drask_v3 instead of Walker_v3 (possible bug if player skipped Walker's last conversation)
- Merman/Merwoman no longer move if hit by a bound rock
- Mithalas Nightmare: EnergyDoor and OrbHolder can no longer be destroyed by AbyssOctopus laser beam passing over them.

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