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The new patch was just released get it and play Söldner for free(It's 100% free of costs, you never need to pay anything)

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Well here goes another patch. If you have version 33900 or a newer version you only need to install the patch. If you have an older version or even don't have it yet, download the Full Installer. Both downloads will be available either on ModDB or at The new version 33950 adds several maps to Söldner and changes some other things as well. Here you can see the full changelog:


  • updated rocket controls to increase the hit rate of (IR-)guided rockets
  • removed the "Lock Item" button from the terminal menu
  • players now need to wait 10 seconds between team funds requests
  • the cancel button for team funds requests now actually cancels the request for the commander
  • it is now possible to enter locked mobile spawns of the enemy team
  • empty jets now fall faster
  • floatable aircrafts will now explode when dropped on water
  • kills with laser guided weapons will now be attributed to the person marking the target
  • the minimap state is now saved and the map is opened automatically when a player spawns
  • server administrators can now specify the numbers of players for each map size category in a maprotation
  • fixed an exploit that could be used to crash online servers
  • the Scout-Kits state is now properly synchronized to clients
  • fixed a bug that could cause active commanders to be invincible except when shot in their feet
  • changed method to synchronize the players posture to speed up loading of soldiers and avoid related bugs
  • deactivated physics check on terrain modifications to improve server performance
  • server administrators can now select the time until discarded weapons disappear (Miscellaneous 2 page)
  • the server web-interface now shows a warning message for servers using the default password
  • fixed a bug that could cause the reload animation to be played too often for weapons with reload loops (FLASH Launcher, Remington...)


  • removed reticle on vehicles where it did not make sense (e.g. VBL driver, Wolf/Serval driver, Mark V steerman)
  • the Snowmobile got the beloved horn as well
  • driving behaviour of most vehicles adjusted
  • armament of jets rebalanced
  • the Vityaz DT-10 now got a mounted MG and refill medikit ability
  • Roland FlaRakPz. got a laser marker
  • 'T-80BV' renamed to 'T-80B1V'
  • explosion radius of mark 82 unguided bombs slightly increased
  • reduced jump distance for soldiers
  • map size categories revised
  • all mounted and carried rocket launchers reconfigured (damage, trajectory, ammunition, price)
  • all vehicle cannons (MG, MC, tank cannons) reconfigured (damage, range, ammunition ...)
  • FlaRakPz Roland got two additional Anti-Air missiles
  • CB90-AA got two additional Anti-Air missiles
  • TOW-Stand got one additional Anti-Tank missile
  • Spike SR Launcher can now be used without a laser-target
  • the vehicles 'Supply V' and 'MedEvac' have been withdrawn from the game
  • bow phalanx weapon station on the Arleigh-Burke class destroyers got a laser-marker
  • KA-50 Black Shark attack helicopter is now armed with a combination of infrared-guided Anti-Tank and laser guided missiles
  • the pilot of the Super Cobra now has a lasermarker and is able to mark targets for his WSO
  • vehicles no longer show soldiers on the radar in DM game mode
  • blue smoke grenades replaced with violet ones
  • smoke effect for vehicle smoke screen launchers reconfigured
  • fixed Spanish AGS texts for VVW, VVA, VVD, VVS commands
  • price changes for several helicopters
  • the reload animation for carried rocketlaunchers is now played once for each rocket
  • M202A1 rockets now use another model
  • the following units got additional seats: BMD-2, Abrams, Challenger, Leopard, Type 85, BMP-1, BMP-3, Bradley, Type 89, Dardo
  • adjusted the base price for the BMP-3
  • Arleigh-Burke-Class destroyer reconfigured: less armour, higher healthpoint-limit
  • armor-rating of armoured helicopters reduced (Helix, Black-shark, Kasatka, Hind, Apache, ...)


  • the model of the DT-10 has been fixed and got a mounted MG stand
  • texture for hanging bridge object updated
  • fixed gunfire mesh of the Bradley M6 Linebacker MG
  • fixed collision model of terrain object ramp
  • fixed collision model of terrain object destroyed littlebird
  • added new terrain object grapevine


  • Attu Island: fixed floating houses
  • Attu Island: CP names changed
  • Armageddon: heli spawn area in HQs fixed, large units no longer explode
  • Armageddon: both teams start with two bases now
  • Fishaven: added several new CPs for Conquest game mode
  • Riverdelta: added new CPs for CQ game mode
  • Riverdelta: removed Arleigh Burke spawn units
  • Riverdelta: both teams start with two bases now
  • Conflict Zone: added some protection against spawn camping to the base on the island
  • Warzone: removed VTOL terminals
  • Baikal Sea: map reworked, placed Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer (experimental)
  • Kursk: spawn vehicles replaced
  • new map Zagadochnyi Sad added
  • new map Portofino added
  • new map Oasis added
  • new map Stadium added
  • new map Hide added
  • new map Atlas added
  • new map Wayne Island added

Well that's it. Download Söldner and play it for free. No costs at all.
And now enter the battlefield and fight like you never fought before :D

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