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This is the second patch for Hopeless Night. Fixed the major bugs. Included a new lighting, crosshair and more. Full changelog in the description. Patch v1.2 contains patch 1.1

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- Crosshair has been enabled.
- Fixed a bug when crates in hospital level does not have a gibs.
- Corrected some grammatical errors.
- The music stops now in the pause menu.
- Pistol has a 12 bullets in a clip.
- Pistol deals much more damage.
- Added more objects on the levels.
- Lighting improvements.
- Ambient sounds has been added to several levels.
- Fixed a bug when a flashlight still working in a cutscenes.
- Fixed a bug with the glowing decals in the subway level.
- Fixed a bug when in the subway, right before the dying Harry, the music plays for a couple of seconds.
- Fixed a bug when right before the exit from the subway the music plays for a couple of seconds.
- Added more zombies in the final level.


Patch v1.2

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