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A new patch which introduces the 2 player hot seat coop game mode!

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Hello everyone,

this patch brings some controller improvements and bugfixes as well as the new 2 player hot seat multiplayer coop game mode.
Creating this game mode possible needed a lot of change in the code, so there may still be some bugs ...
The next patch will concentrate on fixes and improvements!

- 2 player hot seat coop multiplayer
>> each player can choose his own unique character and collect items, money, etc. for himself
>> if one player dies, he will revive with 1 hp at the start of the next stage
>> player 2 can only play with gamepad and player 1 with keyboard (will be changed)
>> game pause stats and collected items are for player 1 only (will be changed)
>> jump through platforms are buggy (will be fixed)
- improved controller menu navigation (not finished yet)

- moved position of the HUD due to multiplayer
- increased cooldown of abilities slightly

fixed bugs:
- item description not available ingame
- controller not being able to use abilities and collect items
- controller button may throw you back to main menu
- controller down button not being able to drop through thin platforms
- minor fixes

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