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This is a work-in-progress list of the known bugs and fixes.

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Patch Update


Several bugs have been identified with yesterday's release, and I am working as fast as possible to fix them and release a patch. The patch changelog so far looks like this:

Added missing minimap icons for vehicles
Added Ha-Go wreck mesh and textures
Fixed path to desert texture for Spitfire
Added correct TZF 9D sight to the Tiger II
New .skn file for Tiger I tracks
Fixed path to missing tower, gunbase, and weapons sounds for several vehicle variants
Tweaked muzzle effects (e_MuzzPanz, e_MuzzPanzSml, e_MuzzArty)
Adjusted muzzle effect position on land guns
Adjusted projectile position on land guns
Consolidated variant vehicle weapons to the main vehicle's weapons.con file
Deleted unused or redundant misc. code from several vehicles
Added or adjusted exhaust to all applicable land vehicles
Added SturmTiger to Battle_of_the_Bulge map

some screens of a few of the changes...




I have today off so I will be testing very hard today to identify and fix any other issues. I hope y'all enjoy the mod so far, and I look forward o getting these fixes to you as soon as possible! Please feel free to contact me with any bugs you find as you play, and I will address them ASAP!


This mod looks very interesting! I will try it out sometime this week and I will contact you when I try it.

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bf_takiwa Author

thank you :)

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Take the airplane and press shift key to shoot

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bf_takiwa Author

Is there a benefit to firing with the shift key?

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