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The first of probably many news updates for quick patches that don't warrant full re-releases.

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It's come to my attention that Demo 5 has been riddled with several oversights, all of my own doing. Probably because I didn't check thoroughly enough when bug testing. Nevertheless, these bugs do not warrant a full re-compilement and re-release of Demo 5. I've made quick patches for them.

The patches that are available presently are:

  • - The quick patch which fixes the EXP Share
  • - The quick patch which fixes the Route 7 Gatehouse so it doesn't warp you onto trees

I highly recommend installing the patches in order, starting with the EXP Share patch. Granted, this method of quick distribution of fixes is new to me, so maybe you can install the patches in any order - just be sure to use the MapInfos.rxdata from the Route 7 fix.

These files go into the "(Game Folder)/Data" folder, just extract them into there. That should fix the issues.

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