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I have uploaded a very small patch that will fix the distorted Chaingun firing sound for all Win 7 users. Just unzip and drop the pk4 file into the mod folder and you're set.

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I didn't realize what some people meant when they said that the Chaingun's firing sound was awful. I thought it sounded quite nice. I was running Vista and recently upgraded to Win 7 64bit and decided to reinstall Doom 3 and my mod. I wanted to make sure that it ran on Win 7 64bit because I had heard some were having problems with my mod and Win 7 64 bit. Not to my surprise the mod ran without a hitch. One thing did stick out though. The Chaingun's firing sound was completely distorted. It was then that I realized what people meant when they said that the sound effect was terrible. So I have fixed this problem and hope that that will be the last. Sorry to all for the horrible sound effect. For some reason it sounded great on Vista, but not on Win7.

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