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Please do not confuse this patch with another one which was just a minor patch released a few weeks ago. So in short, a new patch released.

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Hi strategy lovers,

The new patch is out and you can acquire it by going to the "downloads" section or by following this link

This here patch still isn't doing anything about the single player random map Ai problems, but do not worry we are still on that issue and hope to release a patch concerning that as soon as possible.

Some of the things added in the new patch are:

  • Couple of new units
  • Some nicer graphics for the turkish buildings
  • Trukish formation can have an extra drummer (so in total 2 drummers) inside to increese its morale the same way the other nations use a flag bearer.
  • Increesed building times of troops for the sake of balance.
  • Sappers (engineers) can build redoubts now facing in 6 differet directions (which also provide musket cover and can be demolished eventually when there is no use of it by a simple click of a button).
  • For the map makers sake Citiziens and Animals have been modified so they don't block your own troops movement when you make your own custom designed maps.

Also a notice about what I have found out that most of you do not know: Since the release of this Hawks' edition Final version, trees provide musket cover. So if you place your troops in woods they will receive less musket fire damage from the enemy. And if you place your troops just at the edge of the woods (so they are still in it) they will have the same musket fire as if there were no trees thus having your casulites decreesed while having your troops inflicting the same causlites as on open terrain to the enemy. The same cover is provided if the troops are placed inside the newly added redoubts buildable by sappers.

That 's about it, hope you all have loads of fun :)


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