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A small mini-update on patch progress and bugs we've encountered.

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Welcome to another update of 1964! I just want to let you guys know that we are listening and fixing problems as they arise. The ones we've encountered and fixed thus far are:

  • Soviet Union is fascist no more! They are now correctly back to the left.
  • You know those Chicago Pact fleets that were off in lalaland off map? I brought them back to the South Pacific where they should have been.
  • Canada leading the Chicago Pact? Americans now lead it.
  • British leading the Axis? Germany now leads it.
  • Some generic icons for interceptor, armor, and infantry divisions.

What are we still fixing?

  • Germany is going to get beefed up in the next patch
  • Turkey will be getting an OOB
  • We MIGHT overhaul the IC again, because some nations don't have much to do with. Nobody wants to spend 5 years building IC.

What we are looking into:

  • Getting an better AI coder. If we are unable to, the minors will share AI files with the majors temporarily. As it stands there are random invasions left and right.
  • Weird Carrier Crash. I have no idea what causes this still.
  • Text string errors. Trying to find the missing lines, but Paradox coding makes this a headache. You would think it would be simple. You would be wrong.

That is all for this miniupdate! Remember to post any bugs you find at the following link (guests can post, so don't worry about registering!)

Remember, we can't fix a bug if we don't know about it!
Edit: Mod should work on AoD v1.04, though only limited testing has been done on that.

Until next time,

Team '64

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