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This is a list of changes in the new patch (it's possible we missed some tho, cause there have been a lot of minor changes)

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Changelog v1.1.3

- Houses are able to store resources now (All houses, merc tent and rallypoint)
- Added passive spell to rallypoint (A little movement speed buff of 15%)
- Increased sight range of mercs main house from 20 to 40
- Fixed sight range for merc tents (they didn't have any, oops)

- Decreased the HP of all medium-heavy mercs units (We noticed that mercs have been a little too broken. In this patch, they aren't much against AI, and a fairly ok vs the player)
- Buffed starting mercs units (We tried balancing the early game as well as the late game aspect of the faction)
- Change sight range for all the mecrs units (Cheeper and weaker troops have bigger sight range. This will make having a weak unit leading ur army super effective)

- Improved the overall AI performance (A little bit too much if u ask me)
- Added catapults and throwingmachins into AI attack waves
- Fixed spartans not spawning "Hoplites"
- Fixed macedonians not spawning "Heteroi"
- Added all weapons to upgrade queue

- Reverted the UI to old version due to low res compatibility issues
- Added all the weapons to tech tree for persians and macedonians

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