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Vanilla Clear Sky sucks, 99% of Clear Sky gameplay mods are retarded garbage, but do not dismay. I have improved the gameplay, weapons, ballistics, sounds, and other facets of the game - adding little to no extra gamedata content which may pose crash problems, install problems or mod compatibility issues, but rather improving upon the vanilla content and some existing mods [insert goofy shout-out list].

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○ Improved skins
○ Improved sound files for weapon draw/shot/reload/close (in sync with animations)
○ Improved scope textures (PSO-1 Scope, SUSAT scope, G36 scope, RPG-7 scope, Binocular scope, etc)
○ Fixed iron sight aim (all weapons), added aim-down-sight to pistols & RP-74 light machine gun
○ Realistic aim-down-sight speed
○ Realistic turn sensitivity
○ Balanced rate of fire (in sync with animations)
○ Realistic bullet damage/spread/range/drop
○ Realistic gun jam rate
○ Enabled tracer textures for bullets
○ All upgrades for all weapons available everywhere
○ All weapons display their real names in-game
○ Awkward weapon sway removed & new run/sprint/reload animations for some weapons
NOTE: Some animations may appear a bit dodgy, but it's infinitely better to play in 90 FOV mode. You can play on 70 FOV mode to get rid of most animation bugs in 90 FOV mode.

Other Textures/Graphics

○ Increased torch light distance, light colour changed from yellow to white
○ New arm textures (one for Exo suits, another for non-Exo suits)
○ New blood splatter textures
○ New player icon in the Inventory menu
○ Mod logo and patch version displayed on the Main Menu screen
○ New texture for Exoskeleton
○ Tributary "top kek" stop sign from the game 'Rust' added into the game

Other Sounds

○ Improved ambience sounds, weather sounds, distant gun sounds, random environment sounds, etc.
○ Improved device sounds, inventory bag noises, heartbeat/bleeding sounds, death sounds, etc.
○ Improved bullet whizzing sounds, bullet impact sounds, explosion sounds, etc.
○ New audio at various bases/encampments
○ Tributary gun sounds from the game 'Rust' added into the game - AK47 sounds for the AK74, Waterpipe Shotgun sounds for the BM16, Revolver sounds for the M9 Beretta/Fort-12/Browning Hi-power, P220 sounds...

To reverse any changes this mod may make to your game version, extract the original gamedata files from your torrent .db (database) files (using the extractor for clear sky on and copy+replace them into your game's gamedata folder.

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