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Alright I looked through the everything again and I thought to add some new things.

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Version 1.0.3 :

- More navy and army added into the provinces

- Fixed national focus tree (Seek allies and revenge and Industry focus)

- Unique technologies added for army and air (pictures not included yet)

- 1 more navy general

These are the only patch notes. The mayor version of the mod will probably come next saturday. I will probably be posting patch version every 2 day by adding more stuff into it. At the moment I am focusing on army, air and navy equipment.

Version 1.0.5 (Coming soon) :

- Unique manufacture in political screen

- Adding more advisors

- Adding more army

- Upgrading National focus tree

- Adding opinion modifiers from e.g. UK, France or Germany

The next mayor version a.k.a (1.1.0.) will be added this saturday, I hope so I will manage to complete it till then. Thank you for your patience and don't forget to join my DISCORD group and chat with me.

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