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Patch notes for the current version (as of 6/8/11) of Abduction.

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Hello again, everyone!

Patch 1.0.7 is now uploaded, and I believe all of the issues have been resolved. I would like to thank the community for notifying me of the errors I have been fixing over the last few days, as I do not often run into them on my own computer, for various reasons.

If you happen to run into any issues, bugs, crashes, errors, etc. please let me know via PM or comment on this site or on the thread for Abduction on Frictional Games' website, linked on the profile page of this mod.

Lastly, if you have enjoyed playing my custom story(or hated it), please take the time to rate and/or review it, as Frictional Games will be holding a contest soon to determine which custom story is the best. I do not know how they will judge, but the more reviews I get, the better. So, if you really enjoyed my story and want to help promote it, just give me a quick rating or a rating+review, or if you really hated my story, give me a terrible rating/review to help bury this mod deep in the dark depths of horrible-ness! :)

As always, I greatly appreciate the positive feedback I have received for this story, and I am grateful to the Frictional Games community for assisting me with scripting issues and such along the way.

I am working on another custom story already, and more details will be out on that later, once I have something worth showing.


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