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Today I am bringing you a new patch notes for the mod!

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Alright, firstly I would like to say that I am mostly focused on national focus tree as it can be much better. This is not the major version just a simple patch where I add more stuff into the game. I will try my best to constantly improve the mod. I would like to apologise that this took me too long to make. Soon I will have much more free time and I will work hard to get mod closer to a full version!

Version 1.0.8:

- 6 new ideas added into the game

- New focus: War on Allies (adds war goal on USA, UK and France)

- New focus: Take Iraq (you can now annex Iraq)

- New focus: Autoblinda (reduces technology research on mechanized equipment)

- New focus: Anti tank and anti air effort (adds ahead of time research technology on artillery)

- New focus: Industry efficiency (adds 2 new ideas for the industry)

- New focus: Wartime industry (new idea for industry added)

- Home guard gets a new idea

- New focus: Extra technology research (one added in air technology tree)

- Fixed Air effort focus tree (now with more prerequisites)

- Improved Industry focus tree

- Technology sharing, Revenge on Yugoslavia, Revenge on Hungary and Revenge on Austria now triggers an event

- Revenge on Austria has been put down to 56 days for completion

- Reduced focus completion on navy focus tree

New version will be major version where I will be adding unique Democratic focus tree for NDH (this will take kinda a lot of time since I am working alone)

Do not forget to join my discord channel and as always I am open to get some help on this mod. :)

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