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These are the patch notes for Patch 0.55. More patches will be coming shortly when I have the time to make the mod.

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Hey guys! I have a patch update for you all! This is just an update to the mod that hasn't been released yet.

Here is something to look forward to:


Mind control
Corrupted units
Tripod (Superweapon)
Custom voice pack made by me :D


Infantry runs a bit faster
Vehicles have tougher armor, with the sacrifice of cost and speed


Worker gets better shoes, thus making him get the player more cash with a bit faster speed
Stinger missile site has more armor and does more damage.

EMP attack deal damage, but puts buildings offline for a short time
Added Flameweaver unit


Added new colors
Added more options to starting cash

If there are any balance issues, please let me know! It would be most helpful.

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