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Hello everyone ! First patch notes that makes some changes and improvements.

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Hello Everyone. Now here is the first patch notes

Modifications on the creation of the ship.

Before you could select your ship and assign 5 to 7 points for "improve" slightly

Now you will be able to allocate between 60 and 100 points to create the ship the way you want. (Life points Fuel, Oxygen, Food,) The shield, and the weapons will be predefined according to the basic ship.

Ship creation

Adding stats spaceship and names of destinations.

You can view the statistics of your spaceship to find out how many points you living compared to the maximum of your spaceship and this for all the systems in your spaceship.

You can also see the destination by passing your mouse on an asteroid or planet.

Statistics and destination

Exploration phase

During Phases or you will be on a planet or other .. statistics will be displayed in permanence. You can also see next to your level, the weapons available to your ship.

If you mouse over it you'll see two things :

  • The power of the weapon (laser or missile power)
  • The number of additional blow that the weapon can do with each attack

Here's an example: If your laser weapon to an additional blow + 1 and you assign one point in the laser weapon to attack your enemy, it means that during your turn to attack you will get 2 times with your laser.


Nebulae and other...

When you arrive at your destination on a planet or other celestial body, you will have a chance (or bad luck) to have an effect on the area. Like for example :

  • Nebulae
  • Field Ion
  • ETC...

Each event has a different effect. The red nebulae will give different looks black nebulae.


The patch notes is completed, soon for a next patch notes, leave your comments will be read ALL to improve the game.

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