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IMPORTANT! You need to have the Morrowind Rebirth 2.0 package found on this site for this patch to work. If you already have Morrowind Rebirth 2.0, remove the old esp (Morrowind Rebirth 2.0) and replace it with the new one included in this package (Morrowind Rebirth 2.01).

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IMPORTANT! You need to have the Morrowind Rebirth 2.0 package found on this site for this patch to work. If you already have Morrowind Rebirth 2.0, remove the old esp (Morrowind Rebirth 2.0) and replace it with the new one included in this package (Morrowind Rebirth 2.01).

v 2.0 - Released! Spread the word!

Rebirth Fixes/additions
* Added ownership to plants/harvest (near farms) across the Ascardian Isles.
* Added the missing "Camp Fire" icon.
* Fixed 2 floating lanterns in Seyda Neen (Renell's Shack, Elomie's Shop).
* Fixed a typo in the note put on the door to Gorvas Vules's Tower, from "of limits" to "off limits".
* Fixed a pathgrid error in "Eartly Delights", Suran. Also fixed some floaters in this cell.
* Fixed 2 doors in Suran that would teleport you to the "Ashlands".
* Fixed a floating "Dwemer Tower" just outside the entrence of "Arkngthand".
* Fixed a few issues in the leveled-lists.
* Removed the "Dwemer Lantern", introduced by this mod.
* Removed some paintings that could be found at "Bernadette's Imports".
* Removed the fence near the "Bandit", close to Seyda Neen. Causes him to get stuck.
* Gave Kunthar, Pelagiad, a Fur Cuirass. Seemed strange that he'd run around half-naked.
* Lowered the amount of gold for Geel-Lah, Suran, from 500 to 250.
* Moved a tree that were clipping with Wadarg's Shack, Seyda Neen.
* Put new Imperial armors/weapons into leveled-lists.
* Changed the name of "Daedric Realm" to "Deadlands".
* Various landscape additions, improvements and fixes.
* "Dread Curse" will no longer "Damage Attribute", but "Drain Attribute". "Dread Curse" will still be
stronger than "Grave Curse" (which also drains attributes), draining 10 points for 60 seconds. While
"Grave Curse" drain 5 points for 60 seconds. This will also remove the annoying "permanent"strength/
endurance drain caused by "Greater Bonewalkers". While this may be a matter of personal preference I
belive the 60 second cooldown is a bit more fair.
* Much higher cost for bound weapon/armor-spells.

Vanilla Fixes
* Fixed an enchantment error with the "Crosier of St. Llothis". In vanilla game this weapon's enchantment would hurt the player instead of the enemy.
* Indaren Ancestral Tomb is occupied by Daedra, but should be occupied by undead according to a note found on the dead body of Tyronius, (sc_Tyronius).
* Fixed a few chests that had 0 locks, thus making them impossible to open.
* Changed the name of "Long bow" to "Longbow".

Creature changes
* Removed "Resist Magica 50 %" and "Resist Paralysis" from "Plague Bear" and "Plague Wolf".
* Removed "Weakness to Fire 50 %" from "Snow Bear" and "Snow Wolf". Replaced it with "Resist Frost 75 %.
* Some significant changes to Atronachs.
- Storm Atronach's will use "Skeleton" blood textures instead of "Red" blood textures.
- Fire and Frost Atronach's will now use Fire/Frost Shields, just as the Storm Atronach's uses "Shock Shield".
- Removed "Reflect 20" from all Atronachs'.
* Removed ingredients from summoned "Greater Bonewalker", "Grizzly Bear", "Wolf" and "Dremora".
* "Riekling Raiders" & "Tusked Bristlebacks" are no longer immune to Paralysis.
* "Riekling Raiders" now have the combined immunities and damage from the "Tusked Bristlebacks" and "Rieklings".
* Made some changes to regular creatures, diseased and blighted ones.
- Diseased: Same stats as regular creatures, but are still annoying due to thier disease.
- Blighted: Double damage as regular creatures, plus double health bonus.
* "Bonewolf" and "Bonewolf Summon" had diffrent stats.
* Skeleton Archers will carry 30 arrows instead of 60.
* Kwama Warriors now use thier ability: "Kwama Poison".
* Alit's now use their ability "Alit Bite".

Setting changes
* 50 % higher chance to catch a disease by diseased creatures.
* 25 % harder to pick locks instead of 20 % as in previous versions of Rebirth.
* You can now get up to 100 AC when having the skill "unarmored" maxed, instead of just 65 in vanilla.
* Raised the bounty for attacking people from 200, to 250.
* Increased the speed of thrown weapons and projectiles by 50 %.
* 20% less chance to be knocked down during fights.
* Increased the amount of damage you take while suffocating from 3 to 5 damage each second.
* Arrows and throwing weapons will travel faster, thus making them harder to dodge.

* New Textures for the Adamantium Shields, texture work by "papill6n" (vanilla shield to the left, improved mesh in the middle and new texture to the right.

Racial Diversity
* Changed the "Damage Attribute, Agility" in the Orc's Power "Bloodlust" to "Drain Attribute, Speed".

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I think the enchantment on the "Crosier of St. Llothis" was supposed to be like that, trance ;)

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trancemaster_1988 Author

I know, but I don't see it that way. There isn't many unique weapons in-game that have a unique mesh. I don't think we should waste them lightly, just because the devs had brainlag. Anyways, its a nice weapon and now it's acutally usable :P

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Removed the "Dwemer Lantern", whys that?

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trancemaster_1988 Author

It was introduced by this mod so it's not a vanilla asset. I removed it because the texture didn't match the rest of the dwemer items. I might add it later if I find someone who can make it match texturewise.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

trancemaster_1988 Author

I have to agree with that Guest. ;-)
The original texture looks shiny and smooth, like metal should. The new one just looks sharp and overly-enhanced. The texture should ideally be remade from scratch or just left alone. You could try blurring your new texture a little bit. Or just leave it be. :D

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Well I can agree that it's a bit sharp. But the org texture is way to blurry and lack detail.

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