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Here's an announcement about a future patch and a future mod.

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Hey guys and girls!

I've been hard at work trying to ensure that the mod all nineteen of you (as of right now) have been playing is one of quality and not one of "well its my first custom story" excuses. For that reason, I did want to point out that I will be releasing a patch soon that will cover up as many of the issues as I can remember to cover up or fix.

My primary concern is the autosaving. According to my tests, if a crash occurs, then the autosave allows me to return to the game, but the presets I set at the beginning of each map are reset. The next patch should have a better autosave along with many other improvements over the original beta version. Due to the fact that this is a short mod, and there isn't much danger, and the game is perma-death, I think my first step will be to reduce the autosaving to important events.

Regardless, I want to hear YOUR feedback and YOUR ratings. Don't be shy; let me hear your voices. What do you have to say about my mod?


But what is this other component of the title, "As Well as Another Mod?" Well, this is a series, isn't it. "Cosmic Mystery SERIAL." I am doing work on another mod, but I haven't got a flying clue as to when it will be released. Trust me, I've got the worst schedule in the world. All I can say is that it won't take place in a poorly built mine as this one did, and your player character will not be Rolando Barnes, (will make an addition to the mod description to indicate the protagonist's name).

Finally, a quick note on the structure of the mods. At the beginning of each mod, you'll be given an entry out of the journal of a man named Alexander Bullit (will be a playable character in the future). This is to give context to and connect the various mods (you think I'll do that in the mod description like every other first timer modder, how cute). YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DETERMINE WHO THE PLAYER CHARACTER IS BASED ON THOSE BEGINNING ENTRIES! IF THAT IS NOT CLEAR IN THIS FIRST VERSION OF THE MOD, THEN I'LL MAKE IT MY LIFE'S WORK TO FIX IT. *click click click* FIXED!

All jokes aside, expect a patch in the near future and a sequel in the far future.

-Mine Co. Out!

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