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After the recent 1.24 patch for WarCraft III, many things need to be fixed and redone entirely for Wc3:WoW.

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Greetings! Blizzard Entertainment just released a new patch for WarCraft III which fixes a lot of issues with maps containing viruses, World Editor crashes, and other helpful fixes. However, the fix has damaged Wc3:WoW - it's triggers and how they function, really - and we now need to fix the problems which have now been brought up due to the patch. This will probably slow things down on the triggering-end of the project.

But it's not all bad. Because of the fix, Handle Vars is no longer needed. Eleandor is now recoding a lot of the triggers that used Handle Vars entirely. No more Handle Vars from now on! Doesn't really make a difference for you players, but it makes life for the coders much easier and less stressful.

Anyway, I'm not doing anything with Muglore or anything related to Wc3:WoW right now since the World of Warcraft servers are currently down and I can't terrain areas accurately without being in the game at the same time... well, I can, but it's obviously ten times easier and more effective when I'm in the game. The terrain is about 40% complete (Red Cloud Mesa) and I hope to get the terrain to a presentable state before the end of tonight. The chances of that are extremely slim since terraining is a tedious process, but I'm doing my best to get the terrain done enough so I can show it off.

And as usual, the website is still in development. Doesn't really matter though since no one checks it. If you want real in-depth information about the mod, just browse through the threads and posts in our forums for interesting information about the project. Ask questions there too or leave commentary while you're at it. Just don't ask about the release date, since you won't get an answer.

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