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I have worked very hard lately searching a workaround to get the bots using vehicles and objects. Finally I am done working on the new patch, which includes fixes to healing, reviving, repearing, entering vehicles, shooting vehicles, and so on. All bugs should be fixed. I also increased realism by removing the hit detection before. Also enemy nametags are removed. I however slightly increased range of friendly nametags.

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Before you start off with the new patch you probably want to know what the new fixes are. I will first release the core package which is still compatible with the 0.3 maps pack also in this downloads section. So you shouldn't be worrying about having no maps. The new map pack with increased visibility for each map will also be released very soon. But expect it to be later than the core package release. I will increase the draw distance of objects and the draw distance of foliage in the maps pack of 0.4

The changelog of 0.4:
- Bots use vehicles
- Bots have high fire priorities in vehicles
- Bots don't flee anymore to cover when in vehicle
- Added a new bots behavior: LandvehicleWeights I felt bots needed other behavior in vehicles than when they were on foot (being infantry)
- Bots revive and heal immediately when teammate is shot.
- Increased friendly nametag distance

I don't want complains about the AI being too difficult. the AI is set on maximum skill by default. Just put it lower if you want them to be easier. this is where this setting is for. If you don't know what I am talking about look in your file.

If you want to see other features or patches coming please PM me or post in the comments on the main page. Let us know your opinion about this mod as well.

Jonas Hendrickx

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