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Upgrade Patch to version 2.1 is currently under development, will be available as soon as possible.

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Updates to the game ALPHA version 2.0 - Available on Desura - what's new:

New custom-made characters added.

New maps added: the path to the hunting place, the Seaport prison (to get there you have to loose a fight with bandits)

Added new side quest: Bandits in Seaport,

Added new cutscene: The Jail-Keeper

now according to what you choose to do in the game the plot will change accordingly, so if you win a fight then the plot will take one path and if you loose the same battle (playing again the game) then the outcome will be different.

And according to what you choose to do in-game bad or good deeds you will get rewards or penalties.

Updates to the game ALPHA version 1.9 - Available on Desura - what's new:

Added new map: Old Fortress Ruins (alpha, the map is at 50% complete, some features and graphics, are for now missing, will be added with the next update)

Added Set a Camp Fire feature, for now in Oasis village only, later will be available everywere.

Added cooking feature, now raw food can be cooked, this feature is not yet 100% complete, will be improved with the next update, hunting feature will be added later.

Added wood harvesting feature, you will need to have a Hand Axe in your inventory to enable wood harvesting.

Added new quest: Sea Captain's quest - Seaport

Adden new cutscene: Sea Captains Death

Several fixes here and there, now after completing the Sea Captain's quest you get the SeaShip as reward.

Previous ALPHA Releases:

New features will be available ingame: like hire a mercenary, deal with merchants, new quests and items will be also available.

New battlezones are expected to be added ingame, so exploring areas and buildings will be more challenging. Defeated enemies will drop gold and / or items like potions and so on.

New building maps will also be available.

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