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Preview and news for the upcoming Alpha 1.0.9 Patch, including the revised Skill Engine.

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Hello everyone. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen earlier in the week I had some issues with my computer (it's not very well) which delayed all updates up until this point. However, I am now pretty much back on track, so, time for a patch preview:

Dungeon Generation

One of the main changes for the next patch is how the dungeon generates. This is still very much a work in progress, so any suggestions on how you think this should work would be appreciated. For now, the size of each floor has been reduced from 200x200 tiles to 100x100 tiles, and multiple floors have been added, including stairs between each floor. Floors currently all have the same design, but will continue to randomly generate as you explore downwards. The plan with this is to eventually have a variety of floor designs, each with their own enemies and items, which are chosen at random for each floor when you arrive at it.

New Music

A couple of new tracks have been added, one for the shop, and one for boss encounters. Once different floor designs are added, there will also be different tracks for each design.

Skill Breakdown Part 1

As I've said before, the new skill engine will be released in two parts, one in 1.0.9, and the other in 1.1.0. The new skill engine is a complete rework of the skills and skill progression thus far, and (finally) the addition of the intelligence tree. The breakdown of Part 1 can be viewed below:

Patch Alpha 1.0.9 will be released next week, and features all sorts of optimization and feature additions.



Always psyched for the next update & damn near twitching awaiting the intelligence tree! Such a greatly addictive game, keep up the stellar work!

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