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Patch 8.0 from 12/23/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 8.0 from 12/23/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Norinke, Leeekaaa, Yarik

We express our deep gratitude to: Blad398 (author of New Teuton) and Jukoman (author of Fleur de Lis: Normans) for using their developments in BS.

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

* After installing the patch It is necessary in BS_Setup: either turn on the "Founding of Dynasties" or turn it off.
(The checkmark must be on one of two items!).

IMPORTANT! After patch 8.0, an update is needed for the following scripts*:

*Write to Leeekaaa.

Link for downloading Patch 8.0 for BS 2.1.5

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for Patch 8.0)

Patch and translation are cumulative

Changelog of Patch 8.0:

-The "gift to the general" script will now give money to the general's wallet if BGR4 is enabled, in addition to increasing loyalty. The gift can be made 5 times.
* This will solve the problem of ruining the commanders when BGR4 + "Resistance to AI command and control and Jihads" is enabled. (Thanks Norinke).
-The script of military assistance for the AI ​​at the beginning of the campaign has been improved (the composition of the troops has been adjusted, + the replacement of the silver Spear Militia in Poland and Hungary)
-Added a trigger according to which generals training priests in the settlement with a certain degree of probability will pump piety.
-fix textures of the bronze upgrade of the Polish nobility
-New art for some buildings
-New art for some units, the appearance of which has changed.
-new art for agents (Europe, East, Byzantium)
-Slightly reworked the composition of the scripted armies of the Teutons (towards strengthening)
-New AI Anti-Wealth script (in setup)

- fixed models of the crusaders on the global
- updated texture of mercenary swordsmen
- restored the missing "silver" upgrade for the Templars
- new model of the Latin shooters of Byzantium
- increased the onslaught of the City Guard and Harisam
- Reworked the textures of the gold upgrade swordsmen to be more realistic
- fixed the "silver" textures of the horses of the Horse Archers in the armor of the Polovtsians
- minor edits to food items for armor upgrades and replacement of unit models
- the number of the Militia with crossbows has been reduced (to 123) and the attack has been slightly weakened (6). Previously, they were stronger than professional crossbowmen.
- increased movement speed for all light cavalry units
- slightly strengthened Basilevs Guards (approximately like foot noble knights)
- reinforced the detachment of Noble Warriors of the House (Norway)
- new gold upgrade for the Lithuanian ax infantry (thanks to Jukoman for permission to use the Pomeranian vigilante unit)
- fixed colors of some Lithuanian textures (removed bright colors and low-quality textures of units)
- as a result of the unification of the Armenian mercenaries and the Armenian infantry into one unit, a new mercenary will appear in the region - Cilician meals (horse javelins)
- new "golden" upgrade for the Princely Ax Infantry (Lithuania)
- new officer and standard-bearer for the Armenian mercenary units
- new late model of Andalusian infantry

- updated texture of Crossbowmen (edited too bright capes on chain mail)
- new model of crossbowmen militia
- Crossbowmen militia added to recruitment for Poland and Hungary factions, recruited only in the Europe region. In the region of Poland, Hungary, Russia and Lithuania, they will be replaced by soldiers with crossbows
- The Knight Infantry of England is replaced by the English Light Infantry. The unit is armed with hammers and falchions, has armor penetration, the unit is larger in number than the Noble Knights, but runs faster. In battle, units can compete with each other, but knights are stronger.
- new models of the Armenian cavalry, increased stats and increased content
- Aldaram reduced the content of the unit, increased the speed of movement. Hiring in the stables of Georgia is abandoned. The Georgians do not have light melee cavalry, and historical sources mention the use of units of the steppe dwellers.
- new gold upgrade of the Papal Guard
- Fixed the missing textures of the "Bronze" Assassins-mercenaries
- Balanced stats and quantity for Genoa crossbowmen and warriors with crossbows

- updated texture of Venetian archers
- new model for Swedish crossbowmen - recruitment from 1200
- new model for Swedish longbow archers - recruitment from 1300
- new model of Scottish pikemen

- new model Christian guard (silver-gold)
- new cape for condottieri horses
- Ducal Cavalry - new model
- Noble cavalry - new model
- Lithuanian Noble Infantry - New model
- Crossbowmen - added from 1200 to recruitment for Jerusalem
- New model for the Sons of Lithuanian nobility
- replaced the skull on the mercenary flag

- added armor penetration to Kagan's squad
- England Missile Militia - Attack increased to 4
- Longbowmen - from 1200 + regional unit
- Gorodspear (Heavy City Spearmen) - new model
- Armored Sergeants are replaced by Sergeants with maces (unit from the 14th century)
- fixed bug with base Mameluk model
- fixed getting extra ability points for thieves and assassins (bonuses from the guild lvl1, 2, 3)
- Adjusted starting armies in the late campaign (removed units from the early campaign: 1100-1200).
- changes were made during the construction of pagan temples (1/2 / 3lv. --- 2/4/6 turns), the construction time of the Giltene Temple was fixed
- enabled by default the ability to retreat from melee Black Cowls and Lithuanian cavalry (main food)
- increased the attack parameter of the Spanish arquebusiers (were weaker than analogues)
- fixed armor parameters for units of the Order of Christ's Warriors and the Step Brothers TO
- Fixed arrow crossing near Esztergom (caused freezes) and another impassable crossing on tactics in Asia Minor.
- the construction of the Hanseatic League is now possible from the 3rd level of the settlement (stone walls)

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