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Patch 6.0 from 11/16/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 6.0 from 11/16/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Yarik, Leeekaaa

We express our deep gratitude to: Blad398 (author of New Teuton) and Jukoman (author of Fleur de Lis: Normans) for using their developments in BS.

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

IMPORTANT! After patch 6.0, an update is needed for the following scripts*:
-AI Strengthening Script,
-Script Resistance to Crusades and Jihads,
-Script Military aid for weak AI factions

*Write to Leeekaaa.

Link for downloading Patch 6.0 for BS 2.1.5

Link for downloading Fix5 from 11/22/2020 for Patch 6.0 for BS 2.1.5

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for patch 6.0+fix5)

Patch and translation are cumulative

Changelog of Patch 6.0:

! Added bonuses to family members and generals of AI, which will give the AI ​​a better calculation of their actions and act smarter. (Thanks bitterhowl) (tests will show)
1. Fixed crossing near Burgos and crossing on the road from Ankara to Nicaea
2. Reduced purchase prices for replenishment of the wagon train (for BGR4)
3. Fixed a bug when the general could get more than one title of the ruler of the city with the "Founding of new dynasties" submod enabled
4. Added a new revival of factions (more precisely, the old version 2.1.4 with changes for the Kingdom of Jerusalem). Details in the description of the submod in the game setup.
5. Fixed with the included submod "Founding of new dynasties" titles of cities for nomads.

-New unit "Harisy" for Muslims instead of assassins. (Remaining assassins mercenaries)
New Georgian Units by Blad398 & Jukoman:
-Elite Archer Cavalry (Elite Missile Cavalry)
-Georgian Axemens (Kartvelian Axemen)
-Georgian Homeguard (Palace Guard)

Mainly all 500 units were checked for compliance with armor upgrade descriptions, typos were found and fixed! Byzantium will no longer have Milanese and Gothic armor.

The line and description of Georgia has been completely redesigned (thanks to Jukoman and Blad398, and a little Okzersal for transferring it):
- removed all old and vanilla models of Georgia;
- Removed: Battlefield Assassins (Hungary), Scouts (Scandinavians) - they already have Scandinavian horsemen and removed Georgia Crossbowmen, but the line of Georgia has been greatly strengthened
- added new units, new names and descriptions
- Glehi spearmen, militia with spears - 4 models
- Kartvelskoe axmen, militia with shields and axes - 4 models
- Metsikhovna pikemen, new models for early upgrades, only 3
- Royal Spearmen - 4 new models
- Swanian hunters - 3 models
- Equestrian and Foot Eristavs - an analogue of the squad of Russians and feudal knights - 2 models
- Axemen - 2 models of warriors with two-handed axes
- Kartlian swordsmen - 4 models
- Kartlian Spearmen - 4 models
- New model of Metzikhovna archers - several upgrades
- Elite archers of Monasp
- Khevsurs - swordsmen in chain mail and armor of the Byzantine style - 4 models
- Tadzreuly and their foot variant - defenders of the Church of Georgia, an elite squad
- Aznaur Medium Cavalry with a new model
- New model of the Kipchak cavalry
- a new model of protection for the commander
- the new standard-bearer of Georgia
- 2 new officers of Georgia

The following 2 units have been removed:
-Peasant-Halberdists Polearm Militia
-Turkish Ghulams Turkish Heavy Cavalry

instead of these two units: two units for all Muslims since 1310:
- Magharibs
- Walking Magharibs

- new skins and models for Swordstaff militia.
- new models of Andalusian infantry
- new models of Manglavites of Byzantium - now a complete line of 4 models
- new base model of the Chevalier Holy Sepulcher Jerusalem
- New upgrades for the Tatar lancers (mercenaries)

- new models of the City Guard of the Moors
- new models for the Horse Lancers of Granada
- new models for Granada Hinets
- new models for Granada equestrian crossbowmen

Norse Swordsmen Scandinavian swordsmen - new 2 models of early upgrades
Halberd_MAA Halberdiers - new models of early upgrades, replacement of vanilla ones, different for all farctions
Forlorn_Hope (Redeemers) - replacement for vanilla hiring models since the 14th century
Zweihander Zweihanders - Added early models to match recruitment times
Pikemen Pikemen- new early models for all factions are different
Sword_and_Buckler_men (Rundashirs) - Added Portugal, added new early models to match hiring times - Okzersal promised and did it! In addition - hiring with castle barracs 4lvl

- increased stats for pikemen in armor at TO
- Fixed: a silver commander at the Horsemen armed with an arquebus at Novgorod.
- Fixed: infantrymen with TO crossbows have a silver commander.
- Fixed: Byzantine rebels' silver commander.
- reduced the impact of poverty on the general order (file: descr_settlement_mechanics) for both economies.

-if the player turned on the Military aid to the weak (late) script without installing this DLS, then there was a crash at the start of the campaign. (Now, as it should be, there will be a notification that the script is not installed).
-small minor fixes for the "Founding of Dynasties" script (grammatical errors, typos, etc.)
-Cut out the "Wolf Hunt" script.
-in Pskov, at the start of the late campaign, the level of stables was increased by 1.
-for Novgorod inserted a suitable icon for Mounted arquebusiers

-newscript for inflation in the setup * (read the details in the setup)
-Former Norinke inflation script weakened (all deductions were reduced by 2 times!)
-New unique videos for events on the map - tournaments (win, draw, defeat)
-The composition of the scripted troops of Muslims (13-14 centuries), Georgia has been slightly adjusted. Replaced deleted units from all scripts.
-Fixed the parameter of the shield value from 2 to 5 for late knightly units and their analogues

-Fixed a bug when the title of the ruler of Vilna, Konkala, Oradi was not assigned with the "foundation of new dynasties" script enabled. Fixed bug with York, Visbu. Removed take for Gorgan.
-fix of the founding Varad dynasty (not assigned and was not registered)
-Fixed a bug in BGR4 in 4 triggers (the verification program complained about them)
-for the BGR4 to work correctly, the historic_events file is now in the early and late folders. Without this, a piece of events was duplicated each time in the main file after each application of the scripts.

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