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Patch 4.0 from 07/23/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 4.0 from 07/23/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Norinke, Leeekaaa

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

Link for downloading Patch 4.0 for BS 2.1.5

Link for downloading for Fix1 for Patch 4.0 for BS 2.1.5

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for this patch 4.0)

Patch and translation are cumulative


-The officers are registered in the rebalance for everyone.
-New standard bearers for some units
-Guard of Dievas is now recruited in the first level of the Altar of Dievas.
-Changing the officer of the Scandinavian archers from a knight to a Viking
-Stats for Kartali swordsmen and spearmen fixed
-in the rebalance, the silver textures for the general of the Lithuanian rebels have been fixed
-The public order penalty has been reduced by 10% depending on the distance to the capital.
-The city guards were moved from the barracks to the magistrates (like the Varangs in Byzantium)
-replaced English archers (! bug) for mercenary crossbowmen in mercenary barracks.
-the foot knights of the Order of Santiago with rebalance were ghosts (bronze upgrade) - fixed
-Turkish horsemen (mercenaries) removed from Africa
-new art for the event about the church tithe of Byzantium

Other edits:
-Now working videos of victories (after completing campaign conditions) for many factions! (We had a bug due to which they were not displayed at all. Thanks for the Okzersal fix)
-Corrections in the script "Military aid to the weak" (UPU):
• (early) (slightly strengthened Turks AI against IR AI)
• added help monitor for Novgorod
• added help monitor for Papacy
-Removed veterans in armor from the starting troops (after all, they have been hired since 1310)
-Italian Horse Militia removed from 12th and 13th century from all scripts.
In all scripts (including AI Gain Script):
-Removed Heavy urban spearmen from the 12th century (early).
-removed veterans in armor from the 13th century (only in the 14th century)
-removed Lendermen from the Scandinavians (Sweden and Norway) from the 13th century (only in the 14th century)
- removed bollards from TO from the 13th century (only in the 14th century)
-numerous adjustments in scripts (by army composition)
-Coronation for Lithuania now has a separate event. Just like the Mongols who converted to Islam.
-Finally removed growing corruption with negative treasury (thanks to Norinke)
-Urban Spear Militia has been removed from the UPU for some factions that do not have skins for them.
-Reconquest of the capital for the Pope is now working.
-New icons and info for some units
-Fixed a bug in the Wallace rebellion script.
-other little things


Good afternoon!
How can I prevent my cities and army from rebelling?

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Leeekaaa Author

The authority of the ruler should be maximized. you can raise it in battles.

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can you include Wales and Ireland?

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Leeekaaa Author

try mod Fleur de Lis Normans from Jukoman

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Добрый день ! Когда Вы сделаете игру на Mac OS ? Готов купить ( оплатить )

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Leeekaaa Author

не в наших силах

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