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This is Patch 3a. It adds more unique buildings to Fairy Tale, World Wonders and some stuff like that. It also adds a proper Queen figure to the game. Download Patch 3a here.

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Civilization IV BtS

This Patch upgrades Fairy Tale to Version 3a, which has several updates to the original game. You need Fairy Tale Version 3 for this to work. To Install, simpy unzip the Fairy Tale folder to your mods folder in your Beyond the Sword directory where you initially installed the game. Overwrite where asked.

The manual is opened by opening the ReadMe.html file supplied with the mod, and the Version History can be studied in the manual as well.

Join the discussion thread on CivFanatics for more information about Fair Tale (

NOTE: The Purple Tower works like the UN. The dialogue is also directly from Vanilla Civ's UN. Therefore some strange options will be available, and will be changed in future updates, but I wanted to include the Purple Tower in any case, since it opens for diplomatic victory games.


*All nations now have their own flags and symbol buttons.
*Added SaibotLieh's Queen to the mod. This beautiful character replaces the old, rather inappropriate Queen.
*Updated resources situation on the World of Fairy Tale map.
*The Denerean Cog and the Viking Longboat can now transport military and settlers as well, not only explorers.
*Updated some buildings. Gave the Forge and Granary new looks. All Building graphics in Patch 3a were made by Walter Hawkwood.
*Gave the Elven Federation unique Forges and Granaries. Gave the Denereans a unique Library and the Yatengi a unique Granary too.
*Updated the looks of the Harem World Wonder. And no. It does not look pervy.
*Added several World Wonders and updated the looks of most of the existing, the Purple Tower being the most significant addition. That one opens up for the diplomatic vote in games with that Victory Condition applied. In reality, it works like a UN for the World of Fairy Tale. The Purple Tower is buildable from Tech Monarchy.

Le Sage (, March 27, 2010

Download Patch 3a

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