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Faction Settlement comeback - it's late game feature to create own small town, now you can get there banker, shop, slaver trader, doctor, implant installer. Also in patch you will find stable fixes for server-client. Below you can also Read Patch 3.3 which was posted on discord

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Faction Settlement

You can get faction settlement in Black Cross Department for 2 000 000 Memory Chips, 15 Leather Hides, 10 000 HQ alloys. 10 000 Metal Parts and 25 000 Wood. After build settlement you choose local currency

In Settlement you can Rent:
-Implant Specialist

Settlement working on Income, 500 base, +1 000 for each workers and -500 for each guard. you can pay currency from own sources to increase budget but you can't windrath anything. Workers gives you income only when they are alive so protect them! Remember every player who kill worker on your farm are wanted and shot on sight.

In Settlement you can Build:
-Adv. Workbench
-Medical Terminal
-T4 Machinery(taking from income 50 000 every hour
-Sneak Detector

Generator works similar to income but from MFC, it taking -100 base for lights,
-100 for turrets, -100 for sneak detector.

Settlement have 2 main upgrades:
Trader - increase ammount of Items, and their level, unlock extra rare items, more information on wiki
Banker - increase ammounts of currencies

In settlement faction members can take 25% of cash you earn in:
-Implant Installer

Each 30 hours your faction Settlement will be raided, prepare defense first! If raiderrs success raid you will lose 1 of each upgrade, all workers. If you get on negative budget you will lose settlement also if you lose all upgrades and raiders raid your settlement. After successfull raid after left fire everywhere and you will need to fix it.

War Event Changes

-Added to shops: prototype 14, Pancor, fire gecko ammo, Rad rockets, conscript battle armor, ranger armor
-Added ability to buy heal rads on spawns
-Added warning for multiple actions what will end in autoban:
-Added Autoban for multiple dying by own NPC
-Added Autoban for multiple killing players from same faction
-Added Autoban for be afk 1 warning per 120sec
-Added Autoban for leaving event
-Tactical marks are visible for war event team
Warning are permanent till Admin doesnt remove it from you, after collect 10 warning you get ban 24h

Local Danger Bosses:

-Alien buffs making dealing 30 less damage to bosses
-Melhior buffs making dealing 15% less damage to bosses
-Deathclaw buffs making dealing 30 more damage from bosses to player
-Robot buffs making dealing 15% more damage from bosses to player
-Raider buffs making dealing 5 more damage per bullet from bosses to player
-Spiders buffs making 10% more crit chance for bosses to player


-Change size of maps in Infinity Dungeon
-Fixed command ~killparty to kill own companion to force them respawn
-Fixed command ~invite, now you can invite chars even with spacebar
-All worldmap locations have names now
-Added stealth boy to fixboy
-All per bullets effects doesnt work on shotguns
-Saiga for burst cost 1 ap less
-Caws increased damage for 30%
-XL perks: BRD, Brof, More crit
-Fixed visual bug of minimal damage
-Fixed EMP shields
-Added Preview and rope spawn in slavery vault
-Added east spawn in vault 15
-Patreons can ask for forever night in their bases/tents
-Trader events accept only currency
-Trader events sells lvl3 lvl4 and lvl5 gear(T3)
-Leader class perk working on war event team
-Leader flag can't be destroyed by own teammate
-Fixed Server-Client Stability
-Added 1st part of San Diego - San Diego suburbs.
-Added Stimpaks manufacture matrix. Can be inserted into your Farm Water Pump. Allows you to make stimpaks without any profession or additional resources. Can be found *SOMEWHERE* in San Diego.
-Added degenerates-like-you-belong-the-cross crosses to base constructions (~base)
-Added Defender armor ( reskin of Enclave CA ) that also has some interesting options once you try to use its powers via the faction terminals (aka base terminals) or even tent's fire. Armor can be taken either from Enclave qmaster or from black market (from Weffer)
-Added Cornifer armor + helmet ( reskin of Firegecko armor ) and Signifer armor + helmet (reskin of VC armor). Armors are Legion theme. All armors can be bought from Weffer.
-Added Pugio (reskin of Hesus knife) and relic weapon (super rare) "Legion Eagle". Pugio can be bought from Weffer.
-Changed Master's Army HQ. Added a mini quest for priest npc there.
-Added faction quartermasters for Vault City and Master's Army.
-Added missing music to some locations.
-Added some of Halloween stuff to base constructions.
-Added new other global chats for languages /pl /es /cz /ru /it /de
-Added faction global chat /f

Patch 3.3 and hotfixes:

-Terminator, Tesla Attacker and Explosive belts working as armor perks only(can be randomly in other armors)
-Terminator doesnt consume AP. NOTE: still cost 10 AP to active
-Tesla Attacker damage changed from 60-120 to 40-210
-Fixed weapon perks on Hexshotting
-Fixed hexshoting for soldier
-Fixed Upgrade parts bug
-Removed broadcast(spam) about Reinforcements
-Fixed "some trader in somewhere"
-Added Global Chat use .g or /g to talking
-Unlocked ruined lab and infinity lab in infinity dungeon
-Added Armor Perk: Lethal Protection - block 20 damage(flat)
-Changed Brotherhood Armor perks(only new ones) to Lethal Protection, Lethal Protection, Special Force Bonus
-Changed Desert Combat Armor perks(only new ones) to Lethal Protection, Gain Luck, Mirror System
-Changed Vault City Armor perks(only new ones) to Heavy Stonewall, Heavy, Cured
-Defense Enhancement changed DR bonus to 3
-Special Force Bonus changed DT bonus to 2
-Bonus Move armor perk gives AP for moving
-Tesla Addition changed DT bonus to 6
-Firegecko's Enhancement changed DT bonus to 6
-Mirror System changed DT bonus to 7
-Advanced Plate changed DT bonus to 7
-Avenger Minigun Damage changed to 12-15
-Needler Pistol Range changed to 28
-AK47 Damage changed to 25-40
-Pancor Jackhammer burst rounds changed to 20
-Pancor Jackhammer max rounds changed to 40
-Pancor Jackhammer damage changed to 7-15
-H&K Caws Burst AP cost changed to 5
-H&K P90 damage changed to 23-33
-H&K G11 damage changed to 30-45
-H&K G11e damage changed to 35-50
-Bozar damage changed to 55-75
-Plasma SMG damage changed to 25-37
-Pulse Pistol damage changed to 70-70
-Added new weapon/armor skins in vault city
-added commands ~mute and ~unmute for global chat
-fixed M60 skin bug
-Added Vault X
-fixed rockside bug
-Lethal protection now block enemy flat damage
-brotherhood armor perks changed to lethal protection, Special Force Bonus, Advanced Plate
-Pancor jackchammer change damage to 3-15
-Removed EMP res from armors
-Changed Vault 8
-added Spooky things
-Call Forces on war event cost changed to 1000 * number of NPC units
-Call Special Forces on war event cost changed to 1500 * number of NPC units
-fixed necropolis hidden treasure

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