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New 3.01 patch for Realism Invictus is out and available for download from ModDB! This patch fixes the majority of the issues reported since the initial BtS 3.0 release and significantly rebalances World Map scenario.

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Get it here:

The patch requires a prior 3.0 install.

General changes and tweaks:

  • Number of turns and number of turns per year in late game tweaked as a result of hands-off tests. Should now match tech progress better.
  • A couple of tech with Classical requirements moved from Ancient to Classical for consistency.
  • Some fixes for unit animations.
  • Lowered Buddhism spread a bit and increased Solar Cult spread, based on test runs. Also increased Buddhist missionary costs.
  • Hit light cavalry units with a nerf bat; all light and medium cavalry is now vulnerable to firearms.
  • National siege units updated to not be 100% lethal, to keep in line with other siege units.
  • All leaders now should have a first contact greeting (even if quite generic).
  • African classical palace no longer out of scale.
  • Toned down Greek Hypaspists a bit (still awesome!).
  • Civs should now be somewhat more eager to found traditions (although testing shows this is still not always true).
  • Switched off AI "victory strategies". They screwed up AI behaviour something grand - AI didn't care about anything but warfare.
  • Japan gets a slightly less pink color from now on, and Celts are no longer grey.
  • Prime Timber now available for trade with Woodcutting, not Sailing (because people kept getting confused).
  • Ministries no longer show in towns (as intended).
  • Workshop bonus from Guild Monopoly removed to get rid of Guild Monopoly/Labor Union supercombo and workshop spam.
  • Added "Legen(wait for it!)dary" gamespeed for those who find "Realistic" too fast.
  • All military units now cost a bit more hammers (=less units, more performance).
  • Enabled Forest Preserve imporvement.
  • ICBMs are now useful again.
  • Some civs will now use previously unused flavor units.

World map changes:

  • Minor leaders on the World Map given appropriate personalities and stopped from being minor. Now they will just refuse most diplomatic transactions and will be very likely to declare war on someone who borders them. There are no "always war" factions on the World Map now.
  • Barbarian fort now have less city defense bonus, a weakness against gunpowder units and no first strike immunity.
  • World Map City States get bonus happiness and research in their capital. The bonus won't apply to any other cities they manage to capture.
  • City States now get local sources of copper, horses and iron when they research corresponding techs. These resources are lost if the City State is conquered.
  • Several more barbarian and minor cities placed to hinder some overpowered civs.
  • Added a lot of existing swamps all over the world, extended grassland in Eastern Europe a bit further north (St. Petersburg is definitely not in tundra).
  • Adjusted World Map research speed and upkeep settings.
  • Mayans now use a Native American flavor spearman instead of a default hoplite.
  • All semi-civilized minors and city states can get a true Great General now, just as Hungary did.
  • Semi-civilized minor research lowered (they still keep up with major civs pretty decently).
  • Revised several colors for factions on the World Map for more contrast with their immediate neighbors.
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