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New Bigger Island - New Craftable Items - Save System - New Features.

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after some weeks of delay, finally Update 3 is ready to be downloaded! We needed some time more than we forecast because, like you can see now, the game changes radically.

Patch notes:

Save System: after you will reach to build and settle a shelter, you will have the opportunity to save your game progress from a in-game panel.

New island: like many of you requested, a totally new, and so much bigger island, where to start your adventure. Of course, in this new island there are new kind of vegetation and animals.

Plants regeneration: with the Save System the game begins to need also some kind of renewable resources, so we introduced the first plants regeneration system concerning the plants from where to gather the rope. After the plants is totally used, it will grow up again in some time.

New Features:

Head Height: after some players reporting problems with the height of the camera, we decided to introduce the opportunity of regulating this height directly while playing the game. So now there is a slider in menu stats panel to modify this parameter.

New interactions: now it will be possible to gather rope from plants also with the different kinds of woods, and also raw woods could be used to craft hammer or axe

New animals:
Fish: bigger island, of course many more fishes and this time not just like decorative view. Using fishtrap it will be possible to capture fishes in the water and after cooked they can be eaten.

Seagull: we introduced this new kind of animals that of course can be killed with an axe or with a bow and after cook can be eaten.

Shark: just to create the right atmosphere (decorative)

New items:
Book of crafting: VR give us new ways to interpret a survival game, and this is one of this: instead of having a boring crafting menu, you will find a book on the island. This book will be the container of all the recipes for crafting items. On it you will find the instructions about which materials do you need and what to do you need to do.

New craftable items:
Longbow: exactly what this word mean.

Arrows: with a bow you will need to craft some arrows

Fishtrap: throwing the fishtrap in the sea, a little pole with a rope tied will be sticked in the sand. Meanwhile the fishtrap is in the water, it will attract the nearby fishes and capture them. When the player will pick up the little pole, the fishtrap will be pulled to shore, and once opened it will release the fishes captured.

Hammer: in the new island there will be a new kind of stone, that will be used (in the same way of crafting of the axe) to craft a hammer. This item will be useful to craft some new item that can be crafted with on the crafting table.

Shelter: finally it will be possible to craft something to use like a shelter. Once settled in to the ground it will give access to save menu panel.

Crafting table: like the raft in the previous island, it will be possible to build such workstation directly throwing the materials in the right spot. This table will be needed to craft some of the new items.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the new island and we are already curious to know your feedback about it. And yes, if you find some bugs please report to us and we will try to fix as soon as possible.

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