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This is Patch 2a with some updates. You will need the full install of Version 2 of Fairy Tale for this one to work. Read more about it and download here!

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Fairy Tale Version 2a

This patch upgrades your Fairy Tale game to version 2a. To INSTALL, simply unzip the Fairy Tale folder found within the zipped file into your Mods\Fairy Tale folder on your harddrive and OVERWRITE where asked. This patch might invalidate saved games, so to be sure, you should finish your current games before installing the patch.

If there are questions, or for more information, the latest updates and info, visit the Fairy Tale Discussion Thread on CivFanatics (

The changes in this patch:

2b Update (patch), March, 2010

*Wrote the names of the Great Prophets as well. I forgot them when I did all the other names.
*The Denerean Angels no longer appear when Archery is discovered, but rather at Feudalism.
*Removed movies for Parthenon (renamed that one too) and Great Library.
*Added three more Zero-Project songs. These are not from the Fairytale-album, but very suitable pieces I found in his other production.
*Corrected Royal Family AI. The king had the wrong AI package, so the enemy couldn't use him. Corrected all that.
*Made the Princess and the Queen have two guards along. It makes more sense, since their missions usually involve combat.
*Techs are now a tad more expensive overall.
*Magicians are now cheaper to build.
*The scenario "The Collective War" now has victory condition Domination instead of Conquest.
*Corrected slight error where vanilla civs appeared playable in the Custom Game menu.
*Created a html manual instead of the long .txt ReadMe document.

Download Patch 2a from FileFront

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