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Patch 261 is here bringing you mostly new spells but also fixes and chain armor!

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  • Made the minimap clickable to go to the clicked position

Since the world is infinitly big, clicking somewhere moves you relative to where you are, rather than a fixed position like in most RTS.

  • Fixed combat target not taking enchants into consideration for reducing damage
  • Increased weapon wielding damage
  • Made gate/grate get the same damage as units
  • Singleplayer, scenario, and hostgame menus now reset the scrolling position
  • Fixed certain jobs showing lines when they're not necessary (drinking potions, dropping items, etc.)
  • Fixed movement interpolation spazzing out
  • Added continue playing button
  • Removed drink option if flask is empty
  • Spelltomes no longer show their name but instead can be named after what they do
  • Added chain armor

Chain Armor

Chain armor takes slightly less damage from piercing and blunt damage, but slightly more damage from slashing damage. Units can wear both chain and plate armor. Chain armor can currently not be crafted but only found in chests.

  • Added 3 misc. alchemy items
  • Added scrolls

Single cast spelltomes with no cooldown in return; cannot be crafted. Increased flux gain by 200%.

  • Halved apple hunger replenishment
  • Biome minimap now automatically disables itself in pvp maps
  • Fixed armor reducing damage more than intended
  • Added score

One point of score is gained every 1 second of surviving and displayed at the end of the game.

  • Added particle effects to torches and signal fires

Patch 261 screenshots

  • Fixed a deadlock that could happen when using spells that remove tiles
  • Fixed minimap hover location not correlating properly
  • Fixed having to press twice to see previously typed input
  • Added tooltip to clay tiles
  • Fixed password on servers not working
  • Allowed for more spellslots on higher levels
  • Implemented possibility for units to be frozen or petrified
  • Added sheep

Patch 261 screenshots

They currently can only appear from spell use though.

  • Added 1 new enchant
  • Added 14 new talents

Some talents now gate things that were just possible before though, like the ability to move while casting, or the damage bonus from "backstabbing", now requires a certain talent as well.

  • Added 14 new spells

Patch 261 screenshots

One of the new spells freezing two units.

  • Removed debug from signal fire
  • Added capability for spells to be channeled
  • Moved options into 3 tabs instead of 1
  • Added Fire
  • Signalfire and fire are now animated

As always if you want to keep up with development have a look at the game's website: or follow me on twitter @Zinnusl.

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