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Patch 260 has been released with main features being: Scriptable buffs, startup scripts for scenarios, and new icons replacement.

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Patchnotes for patch 260:

  • Scriptable status effects
  • Startup scripts for scenarios (and saves)
  • Changed attribute rolling for legendary items again
  • Replaced all icons with new ones
    New icons of patch 260
  • Fixed mem leak with ruby
  • Equalized volume of sound files
  • NPC's no longer use offensive spells on dead units
  • Mouse over sound no longer plays over invisible buttons on game over screen
  • Changed legendary item color from yellow to orange-ish
  • Ruby functions will now more often return nil instead of crashing due to accessing null ptrs
  • Legendary weapons no longer get armor enchants
  • Fixed saving not working if saves/ dir was not there
  • Removed show combinations button
  • Spells no longer have dedicated icons (For the moment)
  • Fixed "Seconds to cast: " indicator not taking enchants into consideration
  • Removed some unused graphics files
  • Added batch file for dungeonmodule processing
  • Fixed singleplayer menu not loading if saves folder not present
  • Made units render only if player has been spawned and placed
  • Fixed problems with the hungry/starving symbol and non human races
  • Added stone axe recipe, fixed metal axe recipe
  • Increased vertical attack range to fix units not being able to attack targets on slopes
  • Fixed level load switching unexplored terrain and fog of war options off
  • Grates in dungeon modules are now rotated correctly
  • Autocrafting now shows the quality the crafted item will be when crafted by this unit
  • Fixed potential crash when unit/container updates while inventory is open
  • Fixed selection not respecting view slicing with tiles
  • Fixed not being able to remove areas
  • Fixed spawned gates showing owner as ?
  • Useable abilities no longer have fixed positions in the menu
  • Made spells be able to target items in the inventory and not target things behind the GUI
  • Fixed Spear/Pike flickering when in standing guard animation
  • Fixed not being able to coat items in potions
  • Fixed stockpiles, empty flask onto..., and similar buttons sometimes not showing their description while active
  • Renamed singleplayer menu buttons
  • Double day duration
  • Active buttons that are hovered over now show a seperate graphic


Also, with this patch I started using unit tests so that should help improve bugginess over time and generally prevent something old breaking without me noticing.

For the next patch I hope to do less techy stuff and more just content adding.

Anyway as always if you want to keep up with development have a look at the games website: or follow me on twitter @Zinnusl.

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