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Patch 253 is coming today bringing lots of gears to place, new races to play, new enemies to fight and automation improvements! Changelog right here!

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Patch 253 is coming today bringing lots of gears to place, new races to play, new enemies to fight and automation improvements!

  • Fixed not being able to join as team 2 in passworded server
  • Increased spell skill gain by 20%
  • Added 3 new playable races:
    • Dwarves: Less attributes to spend but 0.75 mining skill from the start
    • Elves: Less attributes to spend but 0.75 crafting skill from the start
    • Imps: Start with one Imp instead of three which has a spellcasting skill of Novice (level 1), 3 talent points and 24 attribute points to spend. Also starts with 2 create imp spells memorized. This race can not get immigrates like the other races can. Newly created imps start with 0 attribute points to spend, and 0 talent points to spend.

The imp race is basically a nod to Dungeon Keeper. Not sure if it is balanced, probably not though...

Patch 253 content

  • You can now designate ramps to be build
  • Floor designations now show as half height
  • Added memorization system for spells

Instead of casting the spells from spelltomes right away, you use a spelltome's cooldown to memorize a spell, which allows you to cast it later. This means fizzling a spell is gone as well; you just won't be able to memorize a spell too high for your skill. Memorized spells can be cast like normal spells, but only a certain amount of spells can be memorized at any given time, depending on your spellcasting skill. Spells cast are on a seperate cooldown to the spelltomes, so you can memorize a whole bunch and then cast all of them. You can only remove spells from there if they are off cooldown though.
Most of this is a follow up on what I talked about on Devlog#2.

  • Added 2 new hostile to be found in dungeons:
    • Iron golem
    • Skeleton

Skeletons are quite stronger than goblins and iron golems are about twice as strong as them.
They only appear in dungeons, and will not leave it unless you lure them out.

  • Stopped other players' beds to count toward unit migration rate
  • Added a symbol for each spell
  • Units with a spear or pike now hold it vertically when idle

I always liked the idea of having a "guarded" looking entrace like that.

  • Totems now increase a chunks' flux damage done to units
  • Added symbols indicating what kind of function the mouse buttons will do (A wand next to the cursor when casting spells, etc.)
  • Stopped people from joining singleplayer servers
  • Fixed furniture showing up twice on the count at the bottom (as an item and furniture)
  • Mechanics
    • Levers attached to gearboxes generate on signal (mechanical movement)
    • Axle transfers the on signal
    • Same for the gear but needs to be mounted on wall
    • An on axle running into a gearbox stops all signals from the gearbox
    • Gate opening and closing is now interpolated
    • Added regular gate, renamed former gate to portculis, the new gate does not let water trough
    • Gates and portcullis will only open if supplied with on signal

As it happens, this also makes the game turing complete.
Water daming in action:

Patch 253 content

This right now allows for trapping of units using mechanically operated gates, and drowning traps. The water would need to be put in place with water summoning spells or trough the use of flasks.
There currently is nothing to stop you from taking a gear mounted next to a gate to stop it from operating the gate, however I'm probably gonna change that. (Can only be dismounted if there is no gate there?) Anyway, more things to use this with are planned, as well as possibly requiring fuel to run these gears.

  • Automation improvements
    • Better queueable grid interactions (shift + alt + gridx => executes that grid location with shift + alt clicked object's context even if it is not currently selected)
    • Defineable areas: define an area, and rightclick with shift + ctrl held to queue up an order related to that area

Definable areas allow to tell someone to keep hauling mined rock to a stockpile for example, which then can be used to automatically build things. Theres probably more operations on areas coming, too.

  • Beds are now made from the anvil

I run out of space on the workbench. I'm thinking I need more differently purposed furnature. A carpenters' table maybe?

  • Changed the UI windows graphics (kinda looks like camo though - still needs improving)

Still better than the old one though.

  • Made water non translucent by default, added option for that too
  • Changed stockpile texture to distinguish it from the building template texture
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing water from flowing properly
  • Fixed a bug with /give giving corrupt tiles
  • Fixed picking up liquids with flasks not updating graphics
  • Water puddles no longer damage units

Meaning water that does not flow. All other heights of water will still damage units.

  • Stopped some more sliding of units when arriving at their target

Looks much better now when picking up things for example.

  • NPC's now disappear earlier if they can't find a target (about 2x), and NPC's spawned from dungeons no longer disappear when they can't find a target
  • Fixed a problem with goblin body parts crashing the game
  • /give now allows an amount as the last parameter
  • Added GoblinBodyPartItem, Mushroom, and Tear as /give-able items
  • Units now prioritize attacking units that are attacking them if they are busy attacking a gate
  • Queued orders are now saved
  • Fixed a problem with saved jobs sometimes not working properly

If you want to know more about /give or how to make custom maps/dungeon modules or even what program to use to make the games models look no further than here:

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