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Patch 252 is here, with custom maps, more automation functionality, more effects, and lots of fixes.

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Patch 252 is here, not many changes this time around. Next patch will have selectable races and mechanics (traps and things).

  • Added 13 new button graphics (drink potion, spell menu, ...)
  • Added automation button allowing your units to repeat queued commands

This will need to be expanded later, to have areas on which to operate on, so you can mark an area and some of your units could keep picking up things in that area.

  • Queued commands now show symbols at the target location representing the type of command

This is meant for automation of course. You will see it outside that as well though.

  • Fixed chat input aliasing
  • You can no longer place building templates where the UI obstructs the placement
  • Added a click indicator
  • Picked up items now float toward the unit that picked them up
  • You can now drag the camera using the mouse (default mouse button 4), or the set key on the keyboard
  • Dungeon chests can now spawn all potion types - not just empty ones
  • Added more potion interactions: pour on ground, items, units, pour on self

This does not do anything if you pour it on the ground or items yet. You can pour them onto other units though, for which you need to be twice as dexterious. If you succeed, the potion will take effect on that units.

  • Drinking potions is now shift-queueable
  • Stuff on floor will now slow down units to encourage use of containers / generic move-out-of-the-way automation setups

The slowdown is customizable in the server_config.txt. That way you can remove it entirely as well.

  • Stopped units from sometimes spinning in circles when moving
  • Fixed /auth crash
  • Added /team for use with pvp maps

Type in /team 2 to join the other team. You need to do this before joining the game with the map running.
PVP maps (that is maps with 2 spawns) will only allow you to move if there are at least 2 players connected.

  • Resume game now closes the options screen, if it was open
  • Fixed /diplomacy and added feedback from that function
  • Stopped walls from generating as ramps
  • Added functionality to make custom maps
    • Added 1 challenge map
    • Added 1 pvp map with 2 team spawns

PVP map

  • Added sewer dungeon modules using the custom map functionality
  • Fixed npc controlled units not attacking sometimes
  • Trees now affect pathfinding and take about three times longer to fell with the same equipment
  • Added an effect on the ground for spell casters
  • Fixed armor displaying incorrectly
  • Added an indicator, telling how many of something you have selected
  • Added force_fogofwar and the like to the server_config.txt
  • Added /give

More on how to make custom maps and use /give here:

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