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Patch 2.0 from 06/05/2020 for Bulat steel 2.1.5 (Link to download)

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Patch 2.0 dated 06/05/20 for Bulat Steel 2.1.5:
Worked on the patch: Okzersal, Norinke, Leeekaaa

ATTENTION! DO NOT install this patch if you do not want to "break" an already started campaign.

Link for downloading Patch 2.0 for BS 2.1.5:

English translation of BS 2.1.5 (for this patch 2.0):


First run:
-new textures in the unit of Adept Perkunas in Lithuania. (new icon + info)
-fixed Lithuanian general protection in rebalance (appeared from the late period)
-fixed animation Almogavars
-Fixed the order of upgrades of homeless people with spears
-Toksots moved to cities - until 1300. After 1300 they will be replaced by Gasmuli. In Byzantium shooting ranges, Murtata and Regular Archers.
-Recycled the hiring of Russia, Polovtsy, Mongol and Georgia, the Teutonic Order. Doubles were removed, later troops appeared, upgrades for the main FOOD were put in order.

Bearers for all (!!!) units *:
-New captains
-New generals
* For rebalance are not registered - If Okzersal finds free time - will also register there. Well, so Rebalance is working, just cosmetically different.

-Viking Viking warriors are thrown into castles in EDB, and Vikings-Raiders are thrown into city ports
-In the EDU, the levels of upgrades have been fixed so that the player during the game sees all the skins of the unit.
-English Huscarls (mercenaries) can now be hired only in England

Other edits:
-fixed a bug - the model of the king in the AI ​​changed incorrectly (traits file)
-Added the ability to recover from the bite of a wolf in the city for all agents (before there were only generals) - file traits.
-In the UPU script, Scotland is slightly weakened
- Muslim starting forces in the late campaign were slightly strengthened (partial replacement of the militia with spears with the Saracen militia)
-Fixed a bug in the 2nd GS in Pereyaslav there were no garrison script troops registered. (was 2 times per round)
-Removed the bribery of cities in general from fashion. (since we felt that this could lead to broken armies in AI).
-In descre traits are written to the heirs thanks to which models are assigned to them from the very first (and it was after the end of 1 move).
* Trait the heir who became the ruler will disappear only after the coronation.
-Info pictures for the guild of merchants of Russia and Europe
-correction of bonuses from the Anch ruler of Toulouse.

Second call:
- improved swordsman models (bronze and silver)
- a new coat of arms over the empty city of Genoa
- Mercenary files (assassins now 1800 each)
- New upgrades of the Christian guard for the Moors (from the Teutonic)
- armed the early Chosen with Giltene axes
- swapped the silver and gold upgrades of Veterans spearmen
- changed horses to the Guard of Dievas
- !!! Found about 20 logical errors in real hiring with and / or operators and fixed it
- fixed the beards of the Scandinavian warriors with axes and Huskarlov
- added new upgrades of the crusaders from the Teutonic
- removed duplicates from battlemodels
- fixed the lack of texture in the Moors of the Siphas
- added new upgrades to the Armenian cavalry, Armenian archers, Turkopol
- fixed the lack of texture crossbows England
- !!! Redone the animation of officers and standard-bearers, leading to sorties on tactics
- New skins for taureg, Hiking Vikings.
- fixed silver textures in rebalance at dismounted_Noble_Knights
- new textures for E Chivalric Knights (hiring only for Hungarians)
- new skins for Armats on foot and horse for all factions (+ individual icons and info)
- Scotland added a unit of swordsmen which is available throughout Europe.

other edits:
- the invasion of the Fatimids (Ayyubids) is cut out of fashion. and inserted into the optional script "Military assistance to the weak."

Third call:
- 2 new units (Georgia and Byzantium). by removing the Italian MAA (4 to 2 combining).
- a new regional unit - bond spearmen for the Scandinavians
- fixed generals textures
- fixed the normal shield of the last upgrade Drengjar
- new unit Bond spearmen for Scandinavians
- Removed Portuguese Knights and Tribal Warriors (Tribal Warriors)
- 2 new units: Scottish Spearmen + Hiking Latinicon (Byzantium)
- moved 11 models from the Teutonic
- Replaced the vanilla Portuguese knights with the walking Latinicon - everywhere, in all EDB and FOOD
- Of our Latinicon models, I made two upgrades with European armament
- Gave the Swedes a new general and captain
- Colored blanket for Lithuanian horse
- Added two new upgrades to Lithuanian regular spearmen
- removed the Vancers unit (France) with a vanilla texture and the outdated Templar Confrere Knights model (Kingdom of Jerusalem)
- 2 new units: Hiking and Mounted Antioch Knights
- Serbian Hussars (Serbian Hussars) removed from the mercenaries - there was a terrible model, vanilla.
- 1 new unit of metsihovne pikiners of Georgia from 1300
- Adjustments to the price of hiring / maintaining some Muslim units in the original and rebalance.
- Naffathoons now shoot 3 times instead of 5.
- new model of the Polish Guard
- fixed normal shield bondespearmen
- The correct sequence of upgrades Dismounted Crusader Knights
- The Knights of the Order of Montesa received new skins.

Other edits:
-Fixed a bug when in very rare cases the princess could receive two dynasties in the first 28 moves.
-Fixed crash when AI princesses offered a wedding to minor princes and took off on the first 28 moves *
* Therefore, now all the historical heirs who were minors at the start will be 13 years old. (early 10 Persians, late 6)
-New altitude map from Okzersal (this will eliminate the "mountaineering" of troops in the highlands) will be an addon soon. Will be installed at will.

Patch No. 1.0 for BS 2.1.5 dated 05/06/20:

1. pawn pikemen: now (until the end of the campaign) hiring in the barracks of the castle of Russia.
2. Warriors of the EE Spear Militia (homeless) spearmen until 1200 They are replaced by warriors with spears.
3. The European militia with spears "Spear Militia" until 1200. They are being replaced by Heavy urban lancers
4. homeless ax-men of Europe and Russia - until 1300 in all the barracks of the city. Similarly with European city hatchets
5. peasants of the communes (Junior Militia) appropriated in the remaining barracks of the city for Russia but until 1300.
6. Gridni - hiring from Russia only in cities with 4 ur barracks (were also in cities and castles - not good)
7. Where are the forest inhabitants of Russia? That's right - in the sawmills!
8. fixed captain of nafatuns at the mongol
9. in Prussia added to hire a new regional unit - Prussian Spearmen
(Region - Prussia (Riga, Dorpat, Palanga ...). From the barracks of the castle 3 level. Throughout the campaign.)
10. Muslim factions:
- Militia with spears are hired until 1170
- Saracen op. changes in hiring op. with spears in 1170 - (death of Thomas Becket).
Stats for Muslim Saracen militia have been fixed: +2 to armor
11. Recruitment Correction (EDB) for Muslims

Other edits:
-In the main script file (for early and late campaigns), the military assistance to Scotland's AI was reduced at the start, + the military assistance to the British AI was balanced.
(But still, for an even greater balance of power between England and Scotland, it is recommended to include a script of military assistance to the weak)

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