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There's a patch with minor corrections for Version 1 of Fairy Tale. Grab it here.

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Yeah. Patch, patch, patch. Always patch. I corrected the most pressing issues.

  1. Gave SaibotLieh's Great Swordswoman a combat value of 10. That is only fair, since the Crystallin lack heavy cavalry.
  2. Heightened the Raid archer's combat value to 7 and gave them 50% City Attack bonus. Now they are truly raiders.
  3. Corrected issue with missing Interface on the Angvina Archers! It was
    a matter of .kfm, strangely enough. The animations worked, but not the
    Interface. Baffling, but corrected now.
  4. Updated the map with resources.

Download the patch here!
It is not imperative to play the mod, but highly recommended.
Especially if you want to play the Angvina. Install it by unzipping the
Fairy Tale-folder found inside the .zip to your Fairy Tale-folder on
your harddrive. Overwrite where asked. It will not invalidate your saved games.

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