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A substantial patch has been released (1.535). The client will automatically download and install the update upon launch.

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* Both nerfed and buffed tier one missiles to bring them back into the expected performance profile.
- Maximum Range reduced.
- Damage increased.
- Arm delay reduced.
- Energy use increased.
- Fire rate decreased.
* Added button to navigation screen to show/hide AI ships.
* Flashing red border now appears on navigation or planets screens when enemy ships enter contact range of players' ships.
* Ships and units can be ordered by targeting them then right clicking.
* Right clicking performs context sensitive actions.
* Ground units now smoothly move to their new positions.
* Fixed issue with AI ships trying to orbit planets.
* Beacons are now removed on death.
* Left clicking on cargo icons targets the cargo, right clicking uses/unloads the cargo.
* Hint window now displays what left/right mouse buttons will do when clicked at all times.
* Spawned AI ships now have a rank equivalent to the rank needed to fly them. This prevents low*level players from giving orders to higher level AI ships.
* Contact buttons in navigation indicate if a player can order a ship or not based on their rank.
* Holding down the left or right mouse buttons rotate the view now.
* Planet view (F3) can now be used to view enemy planets and command landed troops on the surface.
* Navigation filter options are now saved.
* Smaller ships now go over rather than under larger ships.
* Ships now repair while docked.
* Fixed visual issues with ships moving over/under each other.
* Docked ships now cost 25% of their resource cost to spawn from a shipyard.
* Fixed Jump Gate linking issues.
* Released: July 6th, 2010
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